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Thread: How to build the mental cache?

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Posted: 2008-09-01 17:51

I am exercising with training mode RUFZXP 5 random characters per group.

How must I try to memorize during transmission?
When I hear let we say KNOWS I type in KN and in the meann time concentrate on the receiving of the rest of sound. It turns out I do that as dahdahdah
didahdah dididit, and translate it after typing in the letters KN.
OK or what?

Posted: 2008-09-02 19:00
It's very difficult to describe how it works for me. In RufzXP, I already start typing the callsign right after it started. Ultra short term memory is indeed often a problem, or the brain is simply overwhelmed by the amount of information flowing in at once. I often actually remember part of the callsign as a sound, and then, when I have caught up with typing, try to decode this.

This is often dangerous. Many times I am not sure about for example a number in the callsign and as I try to "hear" it again from memory, it drifts into a wrong direction... Mistakes like S vs. H, 7 vs. 8 are most common, but it also often happens that I reverse the order of the single letters.

Best is to leave the active thinking as far behind as possible and just to 'react' to what you hear. It's not easy, on some days this hardly works for me, on others is just flows perfectly. Not sure why...

73, Fabian

Posted: 2008-09-04 10:40
Tks vy much fr reply Fabian,

Just finished a training session and it turns out in all crying faces. Lowest 10% of all scores while I was realy concentrating. amazing.

Posted: 2008-09-05 11:44
When i learnet all cw characters and letters i start using RufzXP. I thought that it will train me to be better telegraphist and increse my copy speed. But i didn't know about this mental cache :/ Short qsos on radio with high speed was ok for me but long chatting wasn't possibble. My brain was just to tired to copy more code. I belive i found 2 tips how to train mental cache. It helps me increse few WMP on a short time and i can copy cw longer. I just playing every day 5 minutes transmission of morse code and trying to copy all. I just train my brain to copy longer transmissions. I think soon i will change it to 10 minutes. My second tip is RufzXP. I set in options fixed group of lenght to 3(soon i will change to 4) and also i set my comfortable fixed speed. When single grup stops playing i force my brain to remember all what was played, then i type it to the computer. I belive it boost my brain to head copy. What do you say guys ? I it good idea ?

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