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Thread: The changes in me from learning Morse Code

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Posted: 2021-05-15 14:36
I copy code in notebooks. I have done this now for about 3-1/2 years. My speed is not real fast, but somewhere in the general range of about 5 WPM I guess. Anyway, I noticed something in the past few days. I have notebooks full of my daily practices. It took about 3-1/2 years to fill about 12 notebooks. My handwriting has become very neat. My early lessons were done in a state of fear, nervousness, and uncertainty. Over time though, I am very relaxed at the start of my lessons. I know I can copy code at a speed that LCWO.net indicates to be about 10/5 Farnsworth. My speed increases every few months by about 1 digit. It surprised me however to see that my characters are written more uniformly. The improvement in printed handwriting is quite a surprise. It suggests that my mind has become more "ordered" in a way. Practicing Morse Code has had a distinct "calming effect" upon me. I wonder if anyone else has noticed something like this?

Posted: 2021-05-16 00:18
May be due to the fact that your thoughts can't walk away with evaluating your daily problems.

However 10/5 is not a good idea. Go up to 15/5 at least, can't be hardly a problem.

Do not keep going copy random 5 groups, but use plain text. Try to read what you copy while writing in your notebook

stop writing separate characters, capitals probably. Go over to long hand writing.

Try to increase the effective speed, 5 is very very slow, when you are not relaxed and make errors you have progress in speed, otherwise not, you only go more relaxed,

Posted: 2021-05-18 06:02
Bruce, 3-12 years to copy10/5 !! I’ll probably take 3-1/2 years too. As it’s only for a hobby and to renew war years this is my procedure.
I’ve progressed to the letter R. To start a new letter I must do 3 consecutive blocks without a mistake. Sometimes this is done by first lowering the speed to 8 from 10 then going back to 10. Takes me time but I’m doing 20/10 On letters MKU. By 3 years I hope this gets me to the whole alphabet.

Posted: 2021-05-18 11:28
Hi Dezzy: I offer you every encouragement to continue your practice by all means available to you. Like you, I learned for the fun but also for the benefit of knowing a way to message as a "hobby" interest. I was pleased to find that there are other benefits with the practices.
I found out the other day that I could use simple lessons like "Most Common Words in English" and "Most Common Words in QSO". That allows increase in speed because you can sometimes guess what the next letter is when the word is like "am" or "are" or "get" or "have" or "many" ...etc.

I remember when learning the first 10 letters or so, that I would sit through the typically boring church service, and I would take the pamphlet that they handed out for the service, and use my finger to tap out all the letters that I knew. Each week or so, I could add another letter or 2. Also, I chose my own order to learn the characters.
After I learned all of the letters and numbers at a rather slow speed, I put my own study text into LCWO's "Convert Text to CW" feature. That gave me control of character speed and Words Per Minute rate.
Currently, the lessons I create for myself look like this:

CK3IE 66 0 0 40 11,480 SO .
1 0 0 1 1 SO CW LP 1 GA .
GCG FCG NF4A 414 , Z .

I always do the lessons the same. About 4 lines with about 12 to 15 characters, and a period at the end of each line. I have written so many lessons that my mind cannot remember any of the lessons so I just copy and paste them in the "Convert Text to CW" feature and play them during my day for copy practice. When I go through all of the levels, I go back to Lesson 1, and repeat all of the lessons again. Keep going my friend.

Posted: 2021-05-23 20:42
I tried drawing for awhile and after a few "drawings" I noticed my handwriting improved.
I can type with 10 fingers so I type what I hear directly into the computer.
Learning code is kind of addictive. I may never use it, but I'm curios to learn a new character every few days.
I practice solely with the Morse Machine now. The first characters I've learned by the Koch Method come into my fingers without thinking. The latter ones alittle slower.
I'll have to start handwriting them down soon so I won't rely on my fingers alone, which type without thinking after decades of practice - like speaking. In practice, you'll sit with a pencil and paper and write the code down when listening on air.
When I know all letters and numbers I'll practice with other parts of this site.
This is a fun and very useful site for learning code. My steady progress keeps me motivated.

Posted: 2021-05-24 06:02
I’m not a typist, jut 2 singe fingers. So, i write. First I tried capital letters. This was OK while I was on slow words/minute. But from over the 10 W/M I couldn’t keep up. So now I’m back to the small handwriting letters. Nonagenarian gave good advise saying “go onto longhand writing”. I envisage my speed will be limited to the speed of my writing.
Perhaps I need a machine to record my voice as I quickly call out the letters!!

Posted: 2021-05-24 08:05
@dezzy: The way it looks, after countless QSOs you know whats coming and probably must only really concentrate on the transmitter's callsign. The rest is standard, unless you're "chewing the rag".
To experts listening to code is like listening to speech. They can even understand the sound of complete words in their head, just like we can hear and understand speech without thinking out the words in our head before understanding.
Keep at it and have fun. Practice makes perfect.

Posted: 2021-07-27 11:47
I am 74 and revisiting morse after 31 years of layoff after passing my 12wpm test.! have had great problems getting past lesson 24/25, I seem to be hung up on , / and 3. I have found the morse machine great for "killing these off", using the custom character facility.

I have to say that LCWO and its extra features is a FANTASTIC programme. All respects to Fabian Kurz for a great development. Thankyou

Posted: 2021-07-28 18:09
la verdad llevo un año practicando pero con el metodo cw player y voy perfecto trabajo a 24 palabras por minuto mi error fue tener 2 segundos de espacio ahora veré con este método

Posted: 2021-07-29 16:55
Good message Jacques G4NEH:
I am 72, and am pleased to say what a developmental aid the study of CW has been for me. I remember the many months where it felt as though I was entirely lost. I recall being in church listening to some boring sermon, and silently tapping out the characters in the little program pamphlet given out for that days service. That is basically how was learn all of the letters and numbers. I am nowhere near the speed that others practice with. However, I am steadily learning CW.
Using the CONVERT TEXT TO CW feature on LCWO.NET, I have managed to generate a large array of lessons. Here is an example of my recent study program for each lesson:

, your z dedication w a x on .
2 3 4 9 3 5 6 8 4 9 8 3 l i f t .
their questions or thoughts .
9 7 1 8 1 4 5 3 9 1 3 8 j a c k

You are x wax off so much 19.
8 9 7 3 5 9 4 7 3 5 8 2 p h o n e .
ymore than twenty the qrp .
0 2 6 3 8 7 p o r t e n t 0 6 1 9 4 8 .

flesh you are needed in x .
z, y 1m o r e c r t 14 b .
s c y b c r i t i c a l than .
4 s u b n c o n f r o n t q .

I always do 4 lines, with a period at the end
The odd phrasings are just copied from other tests
Sometimes I just cut words in half or thirds and add them to the line that way.

Posted: 2021-07-29 16:59
I tried drawing for awhile and after a few "drawings" I noticed my handwriting improved.
RackwitzG - Joseph
Joseph, I have been trying to draw for the past year or so. I have many books but find most of the lessons unhelpful Howeever, your example does show what happens when you stick with something. Very good I say.

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