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Thread: Seek info/help with sending trainers

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Posted: 2021-04-19 04:46
I'm looking to test some software that can compare preactice text, to that recorded/decoded from actual

I you know of the names of app in windows/linux, or websites where what you send is either recorded in a text file, or displayed on screen where you can use some form of cut-and-paste to a fileI'd like the following input:

product or website name, cost (free hopefully), if an app is it windows or linux.

If by chance you have an app or access to a site, and you can run a simple test that would be very helpful. The test, would simply be to record some sending. THe sending should include a few words, at least one Prosign (other than ans if they are recorded as = ad +,as well as an error.

The error could be something like 4 dahs, or 6 dits - I need to see who this is represented (I've seen some use ?, some *.

The test, please email me with the text file attached (don't clog up the forum with that).

Thanks in advance.


P.S. a harware product is fine too, as long as a file can be created.


Posted: 2021-04-19 12:54
I've usd PCWFistcheck (the link above) - it runs in Windows fine (i.e. it's not just old DOS software). Don't know about how it would react to ReactOS :)

It can use an RS-232 port for connecting the key and/or a sound card for input from a code practice osciliator.

Anyway, to answer the question, PCWfistcheck displays for the error character - however this is all slightly irrelevent as you can't highlight and copy the text that it produces (which is what we actually want!).

Posted: 2021-04-19 14:15
Hi Bill,

I don't really understand your demand.

But a SW that can record your keying on a screen is fldigi.
You can save the output to a file as a text file.


Posted: 2021-04-19 17:45
Thank you all.

So far cwcom is the only candidate.
Ham solutions Vband - is close. I cannot do what I need for ProSigns becasue on scrreen they are like
BT with a bar over the top - on save (which is possible but trickey with Ctl-C becasue of some timing issue, the Pros sign just becomes the two letters). So Its a second choice candidate as long as no Prosigns.

MorseCode world looked promissing on paper - it uses the microphone for input - but with a piezo from a keyer it can't cope, from sidetone from my rig I can't get any intelligible output to screen yet.

It can't try LCWO becasue my keyer to mouse interface went bad, will return to that soon.

G4FON is working on his sending features (I do testing for him) It will be a good tool when its ready, but the current version I found very challenging to get functioning. I'll post when that available - but its likely NOT going to do what I'm asking for either ;-((

Just for info - My tool will take any type of pratice data you create with it and save to a file; then you send that data into some product like I searching for (i.e. cwcom) you capture that screen dat into a file and then the tool does a compare. Very simlar to LCWO word training showing Levenshtein Distance, color hiliting of wrong characters, extra characters, indication of missing ones. And an over all accuracy score.

Tnx Again

Posted: 2021-04-19 20:18
I think you may be looking for "fldigi". It reads your sending.

Posted: 2021-04-19 20:46

I think you may be looking for "fldigi". It reads your sending.

Made the same proposal, but does not seem to meet his requirements.


Posted: 2021-04-20 01:22
So far I can't get fldigi to take my keying ;-(
so I can't experiment. I need a new mouse interface I guess it doesn like the comport adapter to usb?
It certainly is a feature rich product to use for a simple task but who cares if it does the job thats great.

I want to offer users multiple alternatives.
73 wa2nfn

Posted: 2021-04-20 09:33
Are you trying to connect a key to fldigi?

Posted: 2021-04-20 14:44

fldigi works with the sound card of the computer for receiving.
So you must connect the audio out of your rig
with the line in of the computer. Then you can
use the internal keyer of your rig.

When I had no rig, I used a home brew sinus generator
with 500hz for computer audio input and a straight key.

I never tried the other way from computer to rig,
to send from keyboard or file.


Posted: 2021-04-23 02:39
Tnx Ruediger

I really wanted to be able to use a real key or paddle. So yes I wanted that connection. The rig connection is dissapointing - not for me I have several but only one with a built in keyer, but others that use my tool. They already need LCWO/or another trainer, then my windows/linux executable, now a tool for sending - adding a rig or a bunch of cables is going to be too much for many people.

The GOOD NEWS IS - I think PCWFistcheck (free for windows from qsl.net/dj7hs/download.htm is going to be a simple to use/nice feature app.

I'm testing with DJ7HS now. He added the screen to file capture. I have a few more compatiblity tests and he and I will publish our updates.

His app works well now. You can send with the right arrow key (no practical but works well) with an attached key via a comport-to-usb adapeter, or just audio from your rig/keyer/ocillator to the PC microphone.

Get tutorial in the Help drop down.

All that said I'll probably pass on fldigi.

Tnx all for your support

Posted: 2021-07-17 04:00
qsl.net/dj7hs/fistcheck new version released 2 weeks ago. 100% compatible with MCPT. Added support for the simple left mouse click modification for sending, as well as a simple comport cable, or just received audio. So this fills the sending need I had a ways back. There are other enhancements of course, well worth a try if you want to monitor you sending timing, accuracy.

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