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Thread: Possible 'hack' for Code Groups

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Posted: 2021-04-15 19:15
I've been struggling with code groups for a while. It's usually kind of a blur. I tried copying the first two letters and letting the rest just go by. And that worked pretty well. But here is the "hack." I discovered that it's possible to set the length of the code groups. I set them for groups of two letters and right now I'm practicing with that. At some point soon, I'll increase it to three letters. I find this helpful. I'm throwing it out there for any folks who may not have realized, as I didn't realize, that the length of the groups could be varied. GL!

Posted: 2021-04-16 11:51
I think that one of the interesting parts of CW training. Everyone finds what works for them, and also share their experience for benefit for others :) Personally I am using random length for code groups, as I discovered that when they always was sent in group of 5 my brain was getting used to when the next break was (every 5 char.). So I found it a bit more realistic to use random, but that was something working for me - perhaps not others.. :)

Posted: 2021-04-19 04:28
I agree. And for the same reason found practice that mixes "words" and codeGroups reandomly (and of random length) like:

name dog 3x?9 house saw she 93/ radio

Doesn't let you get lulled into any anticipation or pattern. Also gets two kinds of practice in one session. Still anticipating in words? Have every word include one character form a list supperimposed, so: "house" maybe "hou6e".

Whatever keeps you interested, progressing, and challenged.

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