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Thread: QCX radio timing

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Posted: 2021-03-20 22:19
My first post :)

I'm practicing morse on a QCX radio, with a home made Iambic key.

When 'sending' I notice that sometimes, probably when I haven't timed it exactly right, it misses 'say' a DOT. Do you think it is my home made key, or does the QCX not send a digit, if it is timed incorrectly.
Cheers, Camerart

Posted: 2021-03-21 00:26

Always assuming the kit is correctly constructed and funcioning correctly . .

it will do a dit if the dit contact is made when it has finished anything it is doing currently; except
where both contacts are made at the same time and it has just done a dit, because in that senario it has to dit dah alternately.

You may have dirty or corroded contacts or bad cable/jackplug joints somewhere, possibly intermittent, or you may have contact bounce.

We can't tell without knowing exactly what you mean by missing a dot . . .

Manual timing is of the essence.

There is no memory of key presses ( keyer memory is only of what the keyer outputs ), because you have to time the short spaces between characters and longer space between words youself in real time at whatever speed you set on the keyer.

if you hit the dit too early - it will be missed
too late - there will be a gap
keep the contact made for too long - you will get more than one dit
don't make the contact for long enough - the keyer won't register it and will miss your dit again.

Two ways to not dit . .

good luck with it, anyway


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