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Thread: spending to much time studing?

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Posted: 2021-03-01 00:54
Hi all
I'm new here and I just finished the beginner class at cw acadimty and I'm going to do the basic class in sept. and possiblely the other two later but I'm having problems studing the pre recks for basic. I go on numerous programs that I have like mores code
trainer and other ones.I can say the code for all the letters and numbers randomly but it don't stay in my brane for long, When I try to read some code on the radio I get stuck!! I'm starting to head copy the code. that is where I'm at I don't know if I'm coping to much or what I can do? I hope someone can help me???? Thanks for letting me ramble. (MY EMAIL ADDRESS TO RESPOND TO THIS rb622b@aol.com).
Rich (WB3HUS)

Posted: 2021-03-01 10:34
Sorry I can't help you apart from saying that I can partially relate. I started long ago at the wrong speed (too low), then I got stuck at 5-6 wpm and, however hard I tried, I couldn't get past this plateau.

Maybe you could try taking a break and maybe restart at a higher speed than you're actually practicing?

Please don't take my word. I'm not the one who could really give you advice beside sympathising with you.

Posted: 2021-03-01 13:00
Here is what I found after a lifetime of false starts.

Stick to one training method. Since you are here stick to LCWO.

It takes time to get the sounds into your brain and some characters like L,P,F,Y,Q seem to take forever. Personally I would stick to learning the alphabet. Numbers are easy to learn because they are so logical and / is the only special character you have to learn.

I started as 25/3 and am moving up in speed from there. If I did it again I would have started at 25/ 5 or 7 because if you start too slow it is easy to think the sound which is a very bad habit and difficult to break.

I understand the military teach at 12WPM from day 1, however they are young fit and the sessions intense.

Posted: 2021-03-01 13:02
Just something that might help: Using Morse Code Ninja audio-files on your telephone/music player.

On the Morse Code Course page — https://morsecode.ninja/learn/index.html . The links are in the paragraph starting with “If you would prefer to have audio files…”

Here you can download the YouTube training course in audio files, and add them to your phone. Those files have so many options of sending letters, words or sentences to you in different speed, and it also speak out what has been sent, and then repeat in CW.

This forces the head copy, and let you repeat.

I am also still learning at early stage, but I have read a bit and listened to many podcasts which has given some good advice. In your CW Academy resource files you have some good articles about ICR as well, which you might already have read. But I found them very interesting.

By the way, I have signed up to the Basic class of CW Academy as well in April. I am very concerned I should have done the Beginner first, but the "self test" on joining site told me to choose Basic. I read the Basic homework-stuff, and it will be a real challenge I can see..

About speed; After two months with 20/x I have started again with 25/10. I got the problem that I counted dit/dah's with 20 WPM, and I realized that would get me into trouble. So I'm just testing these days the 25/10, which at lesson 10 is no problem so far. (I started with 20/5 and worked up to 20/10)

Posted: 2021-03-01 13:27
The trouble with using audio text files as a learning tool early on is that you begin to learn the text not necessarily the characters.

I would stick to random characters.

Posted: 2021-03-02 00:21
Hi everyone thanks for replying. what is 25/10? is that character speed at 25 and farnsworth at 10 wpm?
we did 20/20 at cw academy beginner class i enjoyed it i had mac nn4k as my instructor he is good. my thing is i can listen to the letters and resite them and ect. but when i go on my remote control program and copy code i don't recall the letters as well i miss some and I'm done,then it comes back, i am also taking the basic in sept.
i am doing random characters.
Steve: I am doing random characters. I have numerous programs to study from, some good and some not so good? When I (study code) I'm going thru the letters and numbers for HOURS I don't know if that's the problem or not? I can say the letters and numbers I think I'm meeting the requirements for head copy or not. I can stay on
here typing all day but I don't know if I'm doing any good explanation what I think my problem is

Thanks for helping me
Rich (WB3HUS)

Posted: 2021-03-02 01:33
If they are not good why use them? Stick to one method or you will get into a mess, pick up bad habits and certainly slow your progress.

I discovered it is important to sit comfortably and you must be well rested. If I'm tired nothing goes in and errors increase.

My comments on this forum are not based on knowledge, they are based on mistakes made along the way!

Posted: 2021-03-02 14:44
you may try Word training (English) with the following settings:

Speed: 20 wpm

min. Character Speed: 20 wpm

Maximum length (letters): 2

Fixed speed: checked

I am sure you get the one or the other word copied accurately.

When you feel comfortable with the 2-letter words go to 3-letter words and so on.

Important: Do not start typing before the whole word is sent. Do not use the Repeat function -- if you miss a word go on to the next. Keep in mind that it is ok to make errors when exercising.

If you need words-files for other programs (e.g. as "Personal callbase" in RufzXP, set to Trainer mode), you may download the files (ZIP-archive) which I have prepared for my own training at:



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