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Thread: Code Groups

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Posted: 2021-01-07 16:23
1) Does the program send characters you miss more often for practice when you’re working in Code Groups including Custom?

2) Which parts of the program will send missed characters more often?

Posted: 2021-01-07 23:50
1} no
2) Possibly Morse Machine

Posted: 2021-01-09 17:15
If your willing to use MCPT (a second tool) along with LCWO, it has two features to create code groups that you can put emphasis on characters you need more help with. Then you drop the generated file into LCWO's Covert text to CW (I simply keep two windows open, one for LCWO and one for MCPT and within seconds can modify practice).

One feature increases the probability of characters by simply adding more occurances to an option e.g. "kmurrrr" instead of having 25% of each char increase that of r 4 fold. The other feature option -must=, lets you gives one or more characters and says the code group or word MUST contain one from that list. e.g. -must="r" for lesson=4 means EVERY code group will have at least one r.

You can refer to the User Group Morse Code Practice Text MCPT, for more information.


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