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Thread: beginner speed

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Posted: 2020-12-13 10:07
hello all:
I just started and found that I was at 100% on lesson 1 after a a short while. On to lesson 2 with the "u" introduced, where I have been for 2 days. I absolutely cannot keep up on the test at the default 20/10 speed. With the third letter introduced it seems like everything is going way too fast.
Is it OK to reduce the speed and then gradually increase it or is that counterproductive to eventual mastery?
Thanks for any info. I really want to learn this

Posted: 2020-12-13 14:06
Hello Joe,

congrats to your decision to learn Morse code.

Please note that commercial speed (e.g. for transfering was around 22 wpm.

No wonder you can't master 20 from day one.

As with learning a musical instrument you may just want to slow down in the beginning and increase speed later.

Any speed recommendations given here are personal - the one that best can jusge your learner's speed is you.

I think you find out that 20/10 is too fast for you intially - how about 8/8 and increase once things go smoother to, say, 10/10 or 12/12?



Posted: 2020-12-13 14:19
OK, thank you very much. I will set it for slower, I just did not want to get in a hole with the slower speed. Thanks.

Posted: 2020-12-13 15:08

Hi Joe



I absolutely cannot keep up on the test at the default 20/10 speed.


Is this because you can't type that fast ?

What happens if you just say the letter out loud ?

You will find you have to keep listening for the next character whilst you are still decoding the current one . . .

** This "decode behind" in your head is just what you want to achieve . . .

Try this before you change the speed settings.

You need lots of decoding practice, not typing. repeat repeat repeat . .

Eventually . . . it becomes "automatic", so you may then find you just "hear" words - but still slightly after the event

Be careful not to ( learn to ) go directly from:-

sound of morse -> keyboard key - missing out the letter

else you will need to type everything out and read it back . . .

Good luck with progress . . .

Let us know how you get on . . .


Posted: 2020-12-14 09:21
I guess the 2 main issues are I can't assimilate the code fast enough and I cannot write fast enough. I am trying to write the letters on papers and not typing them as I am not a good typest.

Posted: 2020-12-14 11:21
I guess the 2 main issues are I can't assimilate the code fast enough and I cannot write fast enough. I am trying to write the letters on papers and not typing them as I am not a good typest.

Hello Joe. Congratulations on starting your training. I am not a very successful student, but I can share my thoughts.
Try to keep the ratio of symbol speed to effective speed 2/1 or less. For example - 20/15 will be better than 20/10. If it's fast you can take 15/10. Such proportions will greatly facilitate your future learning. Try to write on paper, learn to write quickly. Typing on the keyboard is obviously convenient, but there is a danger of associating the sound with the key. Especially often it can be for those who do not know English well and rarely write in English.
Good luck!

Posted: 2020-12-16 22:42
snowfly - Joe Cadle
There are 2 ways to understand the issue.
#1 You ask other people for permission to do something.
#2 You give yourself permission to do something.
The person who chooses either 1 or 2 is you.
Also, there are 2 other. #1 Continue to study Morse Code in accordance with what others dictate. or #2 Continue to study Morse Code at a speed that allows you to grow.
If you confer authority upon other persons, you disempower yourself. If you confer authority upon yourself, you empower yourself.
There is a menu option on the left of your screen under "Account" and it is titled
"Change CW Settings"

Posted: 2020-12-17 09:46
To: Bruce R Bain
I was not asking anyone's permission to do a GD thing. I was seeking information from this well of experience ie I did not want to do something ( such as decreasing beginning speed ) that in the future would hamper further success. I appreciate the cordial replies I received and then I read yours with your pseudo-psychological BS which was not helpful at all. Your condescending attitude with all it's pompousness is very much resented and is far from being constructive.

Posted: 2020-12-19 14:57

the original Koch method works with 12 wpm without extra spaces between letters and groups of 5.

Only the 5 letters of the alphabet were taught.

The students learned to copy the 26 letters in 24*0,5h = 12h with a speed of 12 wpm.

Posted: 2020-12-19 15:06
of course only the 26 letters of the alphabet were taught, no punctuation, no numbers, no umlauts.

Posted: 2020-12-19 16:55
snowfly - Joe Cadle
Sorry that you resent the information my friend. When I saw the messages about: "Is it OK to reduce the speed...etc." and "Thanks for any info...etc." It was my intention to propose self-empowerment rather than self-disempowerment. Rather than being "Pseudo-Psychological BS" the information is something that my grandfather taught me as a child. I was taught that it is not always necessary to ask others if something is "okay". When the invitation is for "any info" I shared what is intended to assist you. I apologize if anything I wrote was offensive. There's a good fellow.

Posted: 2020-12-19 17:39
WOW... Good answer Bruce. It's one to rememember, and learn from. Respect...!

73 de OZ1SPS

Posted: 2021-01-06 01:18
Hi Joe,

When I started, I tried all different things. Different characters per minute, different words per minute, then different tones. Like you, I didn't want to learn at a slow rate, then find out that I need to relearn all this stuff at a faster rate.

Like other's have said, it ends up being what your brain needs. For me, I'm learning at 20/5. It feels like I'm learning the character as a whole sound, but then each letter of the word is a tad bit slower so my brain can catch up. I've found that if I have the characters per minute slower, then I find myself repeating da-dit-da etc in my head instead of hearing the character as a whole.

Also, I write the letters in a notebook, then transfer to the screen for the lessons and word practice. (I started with all capitals, but I can't write that fast. So, I switched to lower-case cursive - that works for me.) I do the Morse Machine on the keyboard, obviously. Like others have said, I don't want to learn the keystrokes. I want my fingers to automatically write the letters on paper.

Take care,

Posted: 2021-01-06 13:05
Hello all,

I'm still learning too. Just to share my thoughts too.
I started from lesson 1 at about 20/8 in mid october and as AF0XB said, I was able to copy (on paper) but I was replaying the sounds in my head, so not very good.

As I plan to use only straight keys for now, I know that I won't TX at more than 12-13WPM so I started again to learn at the speed of 15/12. If you go on air, you will see, IMO that you can find quite a lot of stations at about that speed (I'm not speaking about key demons which are too fast for me HI).

I made that speed change on lesson 14 and it required me to stick on this lesson for about 12 days to reprocess what I've learnt.

Now, I'm at lesson 25 and everything seems to go fine. It's really nice because even though I've still 15 lessons to come, I can listen on air and decode already some callsigns, reports, small sentences (even you miss a letter because you don't know it yet, you can recompose the word easily).

Usually I need about 2-3 day per new letter to learn it, by doing beetween 10 to 20 lessons of 1min a day.

And as AF0XB, I write on paper, but in capital letters, I don't want to be the prisonner of a keyboard, even though I type really faster with a keyboard than with a paper.

Just my 50cents.

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