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Thread: WHAT IS QSL???

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Posted: 2020-11-27 16:01
Just ended my first QSO a little while ago, everything went perfectly fine except the time when I heard something suspicious like’Please QSL. I’ll send you my card thru the bureau.’
Wut is QSL card? And wut is’the bureau’? Could you guys explain in detail, as precise as possible? The Internet is good stuff, but in this case...

Posted: 2020-11-27 18:58

You didn't see this then ?


These ?

Posted: 2020-11-27 19:43
Hello Joe.
I do not like to point on net-links, so I try to explain it in short words. QSL is a appriviation of the Q-Groups and means the comformation of a QSO. This can be done via email or via QSL-pages on Internet like eqsl or LOTW. Before the internet came up, it was usual to send a QSL-Card via the mail service. This Cards are like postcards with the information of the QSO (Report, Name, QTH, RIG).
The BUREAU is a similar way. In nearly every country the hamradio operators are organiced in clubs like DARC in Germany, OESVS in Austria, RSGB in Great Britain ect....those clubs have QSL-Managers who are collecting the QSL-Cards of the members and the club send all the cards to the different countries. When the club is receiving QSL-Cards from other Countries, the QSL-Manager distribute the cards to the specific Member. In Austria this service is included in the membership fee and thats a good reason to join the club :-)
Last but not least....via qrz.com you can get the information in which form a OM like to have this QSL
...and sometimes during a QSO some OMs are asking "QSL?"...that means "did you copy?"

73 es enjoy the cw, OE8FBF, Harry

Posted: 2020-12-02 13:37
[quote=Joe6989]Just ended my first QSO...

That is an outstanding achievement for which I still long. Congratulations on your first CW QSO, Joe!

Chris and Harald have got you pointed in the right direction on QSL cards, and I find an instant postcard print-and-send service such as imailprint.co.uk or click2mail.com to be convenient.

Again, great job, and your accomplishment is an inspiration for me to persevere.

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