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Thread: how is better to start?

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Posted: 2009-10-07 20:48
Hi guys, im starting from 0 and have some troubles with copying text, currently im doing following thing: i listen to lesson several times until i managed to get a full text, it is 3-4-5 repetitions sometimes, yet without errors. So is that normal or it is better to enter what i have after only one round and then start the same leson all over with diffent text? PS: my current lesson is 3, 4 letters only. Thanks in advance!

Posted: 2009-10-07 21:29
Hi colobok,

I guess everyone has his own strategy to learn, but what I personally did is to listen to each text only once, and then checked it for errors.

Listening to the text over and over again until you are sure you have not made any mistakes may be gratifying once you hit "submit" and you see there are no errors, but IMHO you probably learn more effectively if you don't care about errors and listen to more different texts instead.

Again, this may differ from person to person. The most important thing, and the key to success in learning CW is one thing: motivation. If you have it, you'll succeed. The method you use is of secondary importance then. Do what you feel comfortable with.

Good luck!

Fabian, DJ1YFK (founder, LCWO.net)

Posted: 2009-10-08 17:30
Thanks for explanation! Indeed, that was my first thought - to get full message at first attempt, but once i reached 4 letters at a time one mistake in recognizing letter for me leads to skipping following half of message :) Ok, maybe decreasing speed a bit will help.

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