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Discussion forum for user group: Morse Code Practice Text - MCPT

Thread: 1.4.5 more prosign practice now with the permute option

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Posted: 2020-11-18 03:33
So the -permute option, took all the characters of the lesson your are up to (or lesson range like -lesson=5-10) and it all unique tuples and triples of those characters.

e.x. lesson=3 has KMUR

so tuples are: KK KM KU KR MM MK MU MR etc.

Yes it looks like simple code groups, however code groups being random, you might get a lot of practice with say Q and Y, but its possible you might never get YQ. This feature gives you all the permutations just in case some pairs give you trouble.

So what's the enhancement?

If you made a optional prosign file, with the ones of interest to you, you can get those added in as if they were part of the LCWO lesson structure.

So: mcpt -lesson=3 -permute=p (p for pairs)
would give you groups as above. Lets say the prosign file had: , .

Now you would get: KM K MR U MM etc.

Just another flavor to give variety.

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