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Thread: Intwesting phenomena

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Posted: 2020-11-17 15:02
Find it outstandingly hard for me to recognise a k from an r in cw, altho I can easily recognise other letters. How to solve this

Posted: 2020-11-17 15:52
I think that the answer is with practice. Just keep practicing, make a custom Code Groups with the hardest letters. You will soon "internalize" them.

I have the same issue with some related pairs like L and F, G and W.

Posted: 2020-11-18 00:39
L. F and G W are a kind of mirror differences

K and R are dot and dash reversals,

Interesting but quite different in fysiology

Posted: 2020-11-19 02:23
Don't feel bad, I also confuse K and R. I've found two things help, (a) make a custom Morse Machine session with those two letters, and (b) once reaching 90%, push on to a new lesson; adding letters actually helped me, sort of like diluting the spice in too-hot chili makes it easier to swallow.

Posted: 2020-12-03 17:44
You can create a special lesson to paste into the
Convert Text To CW feature on lcwo.net. It might be something like this

kia kib kic kid kie .
mak nak oak pak qak .
kif kig kih kig kih .
kep ker kes ket keu .
ukv ukw ukx uky ukz .

rix rip rim rif rij .
art ark arm arj arp .
tor txr tfr tpr brr .
ptr brr xry zru bzr .

You can create your own lessons and copy and paste any of them into the Convert Text To CW feature on lcwo.net and play the exercise. The more exercises that you create the more you prevent yourself from being able to memorize and anticipate what is going to be sent.
I prefer to use the period at the end of every one of my character lessons. It gives a feeling of satisfaction to copy a line and think; "Ah, that is done!"

Groups of about 4 lines with 10 to 12 characters in a line seem to help. If you like, you can even do a text like this:

4 k 1 2 1 k 3 k k .
0 2 k 4 k 7 k 0 8 .
k 1 5 k 0 2 k m 3 .
2 k 7 9 k 1 0 k 6 .

r 5 8 r 2 4 4 9 r .
8 4 r 6 r 0 9 r 2 .
7 r r 4 8 1 r 0 r .
5 6 r 3 r r 7 4 8 .

The more groups like this that you can make and "mix up" with copy and paste and adding another character in there, you make something that is not going to be memorized. Do a new lesson every time you practice, and do not repeat until you go all the way through a couple dozen of such lessons that you have created.

Another alternative of course, it to copy and paste a repetitive lesson which can be played in the Convert Text To CW feature. That would be like:

k k k k k .
k k k k k .
k k k k k .
k k k k k .
With a lesson like that it would help to SAY "K" OUT LOUD every time you hear it. It may be better at first just to apply this learning technique to the K and only when the memory is built into the body should you proceed to practice with an "r" series of lessons.

r r r r r r r r r .
r r r r r r r r r .
r r r r r r r r r .
r r r r r r r r r .
The other option is to use only the K with all other characters in lessons but leaving out the R for that kind of lesson.

k 1 k b k u k t k j .
k c k 8 k d k 7 k x .
x k i k w k 2 k l k .
z k 4 k y k 1 k p k .

This is the kind of thing that you can do for yourself.

Here is a suggestion also. I am going to go online and copy a few sentences from a website. Here is what I have, but I changed the original text by adding in characters that I want to practice and making it all mixed up. Like this:

p k k r k o u s p k .
e k h m k d k w b .
a k r k i k c t k .
k i c k m e k i q .

e s k c k q u k h .
e k s k c k j x k .
u k h k m b e o k t .
i i t k i u p t k .

g k a k p w k k t .
k m h k j e n d k .
k b i s q k s i k .
k q w u k z r k h .

You can do a similar lesson pattern using R and numbers etc.
If there is a need for more lessons, with different sequences a small section can be copied out like this one from the group above:

e s k c k q u k h .
e k s k c k j x k .
u k h k m b e o k t .
i i t k i u p t k .

So that can be changed by posting it below, and just adding stuff to it, and this can be done many times according to the characters being learned.

q s k t c k q j u k h .
e k m s k c j k j x k .
u k d h k m p b e o k .
i ? t k 9 u p / t ? k .

Any single 4 line lesson can be jumbled up any number of ways. Doing a 4 line lesson satisfies for a Morning Practice, a Mid-Day Practice, or an Evening practice.

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