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Thread: obscure bug in Convert text to CW

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Posted: 2020-11-14 03:03
A zero length file causes issue.

Create a text file in windoze.
In Convert text to CW, open the file - works OK.

Go to windoze and edit the file, but mistakenly save it with as an empty file.

Go to Convert text to CW. enter the file name.
It is seen because it does exist, open it, nothing appears to happen - OK because there nothing to show.

Go to windoze and see the file is empty. Edit so it has data and save it. Return to Convert text to CW, and choose the file, and hit OPEN.
Nothing happens! It does not see the files is updated.

Posted: 2020-11-18 17:40
Actually it doesn't need to be a zero length.

It appears that while the "Convert text to CW" screen is open, if you OPEN a file, and then taht file changes so you hit open again to get the updates LCWO or windows must still have a stale file descriptor. Therefore new changes are NOT seen.

Work around is reselect "Convert text to CW" in left hand menu to clear the data. Then do CHOOSE with the same name and now data is seen.

Posted: 2022-06-18 16:30
Even if text is added, some characters are coming out wrong. S comes as I.

Posted: 2022-06-27 02:37
Rahul, are you using Chrome? I was, and I believe Fabian did not see this in his testing, so maybe its a Chrome issue.

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