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Thread: Where do begin

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Posted: 2020-10-18 13:12
I just signed up and I am wondering where do I begin? what do I start with? Can someone tell me what goals should I have. Thank you.

Posted: 2020-10-18 14:04

Did you read the introduction ?

Then you can begin with lesson 1
and see how you get on

How much do you know about Morse already ?

Why are you learning? - HAM radio, Boy-scouts, general interest, something to do, dad/mum/brother etc used it ?

Do you have a target speed, and/or a length of time you expect it to take you to learn ?

Do you have an elmer or do you know anyone who can read morse ?

At some point you will need to assess your aptitude and maybe come to terms with it.

If your aptitude is high, you might get to 25/25 in a few weeks or months.

If it a more normal level then several months to a year or more.

If your hopes are too high and you start at too high a speed,
you will seem to be making progress at a higher speed but it won't actually be sinking in,

so after a few lessons during which you have only actually learned a small number of characters
you will stall and maybe will give up in a storm disillusionment, ( joining maybe 90% of starters )

If you start too slowly you will ( only ) waste time in getting up to your top speed . . . .

We can't tell you how good you are or are going to be. You have to find out and then tell us.

We can point out a number of things to avoid . . .

There is no FAQ/FGA so we repeat the same things.

Here is the previous topic in that vein . .


Tip of the (every)day:-

Avoid typing in, unless you can already touch type, else you run the risk of being tied to a keyboard and having to type it all out to read etc

Good luck anyway . .



Posted: 2020-10-18 23:58
Chris said almost all of the most necessary things.
I'll probably describe my view.
The most important thing is not to set high expectations. Probably there are people who can go out to communicate on the air through 100 daily sessions for an hour. But there are very few of them. Most will take significantly longer.
Try to listen to the broadcast at least every other day. The air is not at all like what you will hear on LCWO (but LCWO is still the best))
Start doing exercises "words" and exercises "callsigns" as early as 15-20 letters. And the more letters you know, the more exercises "words" and "callsigns" do every day. Use writing on paper.
Once again, don't expect quick results.
Learning to communicate on the air in morse code is no easier than learning a foreign language to beginner / intermediate level.

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