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Discussion forum for user group: Morse Code Practice Text - MCPT

Thread: 1.4.0 added -inStrings enhanced version of -in for words

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Posted: 2020-10-08 02:02
The original goal of MCPT was to give the user options not always found in the popular tutor software.

Most tutors did not offer "word" practice until all the character lessons were done, thus users had to work with code groups for quite a while.

Since most people are not learning to be spies, or intercept operators, we can start adding words, call signs, etc. earlier as an alternative.

-inStrings=somefile.txt will do just that. This option REQUIRES at least the use of the -tutor and -lesson options to know what characters the user currently knows.

What to get for practice is limited by the completeness of the input file. Also in most cases you will need to be at least up to about lesson 5 (in most cases) to get words (for example with LCWO if your lesson is only 3, you won't find too many words that consist of only: KMUR except for RUM).

Similarly until you have at least one number, you can't get a call sign.

If you assemble some reasonable input into one file, such as: 1000 common words, cw abbreviations, Q-signals, maybe some sample QSOs or a selection of call signs; then mcpt will filter this varied input and create a random (by default) practice file based on only the characters that you are up to.

Using LCWO as an example, from lesson 1-13, you will match many words, code groups (in the form cw abbreviations, acronyms, names, etc. After lesson 20 you know .=, so they may show up if your input file included sentences; after lesson 26 with 5 and /, you might start finding call signs, etc.

So be creative with a very varied input file and you can get more realistic practice than just random code groups (of course you can have MCPT generate a large and varied set of code groups using lesson 40, and add those to your file as well.

Oops, add prosigns too, formatted as either or ^SK (thats the G4FON way) don't be concerned about the ^ or , they are NOT in the lesson, they do NOT become code, they are just used for the software.

73 wa2nfn

BTW if you create a great input file share it with us.

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