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Discussion forum for user group: Morse Code Practice Text - MCPT

Thread: 1.3.1 Enhanced the -lesson option

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Posted: 2020-09-30 18:08
Fully backward compliable.

The -lesson and -tutor options are user convenience options. These two options populate the inlist (for words) and the cglist (for code groups) with the characters that they know per the lesson they are on.

A listing or tutors/lessons is available via: mcpt -help=tutors.

So a user of LCWO, who is at lesson 7 and wants practice with words, code groups, or permutations doesn't need to remember (or look up) the list of characters (in this case: kmuresna) to populate the options. The user instead just enters: -tutor=lcwo -lesson=7.

Now for the enhancement - the value to lesson has been enhanced to be like that of several other quantity/numeric options like: inlen, cglen, etc.

That is for lesson you can enter a min and max value such as" -lesson=3:7. In the lcwo case that would exclude the characters of lesson 1&2, effectively eliminating "kmu" from the set.

This is a fast an easy way for the user to change the focus from the set of characters from the start to the present, to a smaller set of the most recent ones learned, or any subset within the range of characters.

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