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Discussion forum for user group: Morse Code Practice Text - MCPT

Thread: Update 1.3.0 codeGroups can now use LCWO_ options

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Posted: 2020-09-25 18:28
With a slight code change several good things were possible:

1- The size of a source file and the mcpt.exe executable was reduced.
2- No changes to any options or previous usage
3- Most importantly, codeGroups can now be used with the LCWO_ specific options. These options use LCWO on-the-fly speed change capability. While I think most users will find the LCWO_ options more valuable with words from an input file, this gives you more tools to choose from.

Below are 2 SMALL examples, you can cut-and-paste
the lines starting with "|" into the Convert text to CW screen for a test.

In the first example, the code groups with length from 3 to 6 characters, start at 12 wpm, and increase in a steady ramp up of 2 wpm every 5 words (20/4).

./mcpt -codeGroups -cglen=3:6 -LCWO_ramp -LCWO_low=12 -LCWO_step=2 -LCWO_num=4 -num=20

|w12 |e0 HT2Y3 7PSCX R3VXF6 ,A9B .QYWU |w14 3N?H.9 XTI ZC6 BPMM R25IK |w16 U=F4/

In this next example, EACH code group is at one of the random speeds between 20 wpm (LCWO_LOW) and 35 wpm (3 steps at 5 wpm). No two consecutive groups at the same speed.

./mcpt -codeGroups -cglen=3:6 -LCWO_random -LCWO_low=15 -LCWO_step=5 -LCWO_num=3 -num=20

|e0 |w20 PZ0 |w15 BX9Y |w20 VAMU5 |w15 /HU |w20 =XVCMF |w25 4F.DXJ |w15 Y0017A |w20
N4KO1 |w15 G5H |w25 K62GW |w15 LEB,?L |w20 JOR |w15 F?A5BR |w20 DTGW |w15 =HQ |w25
/CI |w15 SN63KI |w20 9J27P |w15 7N1M48 |w25 I8RZC |w20

There two other LCWO features (as well as Farnsworth)

I have NOT included any of the other basic features that could be included, like: prefixes, suffixes, delimiters, repeat of group - these make more sense with words rather than code groups.

Of course all values are user selected (speeds, numbers, lenghts, etc).


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