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Discussion forum for user group: Morse Code Practice Text - MCPT

Thread: Update version 1.2.5 Sept 17, 2020

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Posted: 2020-09-21 21:49
*** this has been updated: use -displayFormat for this mini feature, otherwise the description info still applies.

Two simple command line arguments added.

LF - line feed
TAB - change spaces to tab character in output.

Either or both of these MUST be placed at the right hand side of the command line after all minus type options. For example:

mpct -codeGroups -num=200 LF TAB

The affect is cosmetic. The intent is for use by
users that wish to use the features of MCPT to create output (either to the screen by default, or an output file (with -out= option)), to create practice text for SENDING PRACTICE or keyboard/typing practice.

There is likely no reason to use these if your giving the output to a code tutor, such as LCWO, to play as CW.

LF and/or TAB will give more whitespace in the output for easier reading. For example, typical output for code groups might look like:

aedse fefge fjye8 jfjf
dhwws dsds2 de2n3 .g=k

Which might might be hard for the user to key their place while sending. Using both the options
output would look as follows:

sj4bs ske4n ssk3r .j4=d

4hd3b dj4'? dh33e =im./

sd3fe .,.d1 jki54 bby7=

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