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Thread: Duration of exercise

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Posted: 2020-09-01 18:41
I thank the creator of this site for his work. And I wish you further development.
I have a small question.
Can the exercise duration be made less than one minute?
I noticed that very often I recognize the code without errors for 30-40 seconds and have time to type it on the keyboard. But in continuation, the brain begins to get tired and stops recognizing symbols normally. Errors start to accumulate like a snowball and I stop the exercise without saving the result. It would be very helpful to do exercises of shorter duration. And gradually train the brain's ability to process the flow of code.

Posted: 2020-09-09 23:19
This happens to me some times after long practice sessions and I've had success increasing the time between characters to give my brain those extra milliseconds to recognize the character before the next one comes. Don't slow down the sending speed of the characters though. Later you can work on increasing the speed again when you get better at it.

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