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This is a simple discussion forum for LCWO users. Feel free to use it for any kind of discussion related to this website.

Thread: Feature idea - custom character sets

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Posted: 2020-08-28 01:02
First of all I want to say thank you to whoever is responsible for this site. I recognize that it takes work, and it is seemingly 100% free, so once again thank you.

That said, here is my feature idea.

Essentially I would like to be able to make custom lessons for the Koch Method. I think users might be able to progress through the standard lessons faster if such a feature were available.

As I progress through the lessons, new characters appear less and less frequently as a result of there being a greater number of characters in the set. Less repetition of new characters means slower acquisition. I am new to this whole thing, but this makes sense to me.

I realize that the morse machine is customizable, but it binds the user to the keyboard, and I am rather attached to writing down my letters by hand. Also the fact that the Koch lessons are time limited is preferable for me to the potentially infinite nature of the morse machine.

Once again, thank you to whoever is responsible for this site. I am very happy with it as it is. Just thought I'd share my idea for a potential improvement. (Oh also, if this feature already exists somehow and I just haven't noticed, well, there we will find ourselves in the future.)

Posted: 2020-08-28 10:05
the custom code exercises are present on this website. Go to CW settings, chose the required characters for exercising. Click on submit.

Go to page code groups. Select custom characters, and you have your desired mixture of random selected characters.

Posted: 2020-08-28 23:57
I had a feeling such a thing already existed. Thank you.

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