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Thread: Call Sign Training Alternative Using LCWO+MCPT

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Posted: 2020-08-16 03:45
New feature of MCPT. UserGuide text below.

73 wa2nfn

mcpt -callSigns ...

The intent of this feature is to give the user the ability to get some call sign copy experience
before learning all the characters, also to give some options that their tutor might not provide.

This is NOT a full fledged call sign trainer. The ITU has many exceptions to
it's call sign format rules, as do the host countries. The call signs are
"generated", in ITU general format, with some limitations. The ITU specifies a
call as a PREFIX+NUMBER+SUFFIX. For prefix notation they use "P", so PPNS,
means 2 prefix characters, a number (0-9) and one suffix character. Most hams
would say W2AB is a 1x2, or 1-by-2 call vs. a PNSS.

MCPT will generate prefixs of P,PP,PPP (not PPPP since its rarer), also for each
"P" it will use ONLY alpha characters (the left most is never a "Q").

Similarly, for the suffix, MCPT will generate S,SS,SSS not SSSS or SSSS, and again with alpha characters only.

The practice is for call sign "format", the actual generated prefixes may not be assigned to any country.
For the same reason as above, a country code before the assigned call (i.e. DY/WB4ABC/QRP) are not

*** LCWO lesson=23 is the first lesson with a number, "5" in this case. From this lesson on
*** we can generate call signs for practice since a number is required.

mcpt -callSigns -lesson=23 -tutor=lcwo

sz5r pn5lwt w5fav gs5rz k5waw ak5ufr m5wo me5j vt5rrm

*** LCWO post lesson 27, we have learned "/" and now 2 numbers. We now have
*** randomly some common trailling information that can be appended to the call: /p=portable, /m=mobile,
*** /mm=maritime mobile, /qrp=low power station, as well as a fixed station at other than
*** their normal location i.e. /4 for w2aa, as in w2aa/4.

mcpt -callSigns -lesson=27 -tutor=lcwo

h0qg vd5cs/1 m0du/7 sg2pe/p mj3zm rt7n/m bz2wf/qrp su4zap y4b w9i/mm

*** For head copy practice, repeat a call more than once (also output in caps
*** for easy reading), and with NO lesson or tutor option, the full 40
*** characters (more precisely 26 alphas, 10 numbers, and slash) are used.

mcpt -callSigns -lesson=27 -tutor=lcwo -repeat=2


*** Lastly, you can still use the 2 options delimiter and DM, to get inter-call
*** sign delimiters. This enables you to get NON call sign practice in the
*** practice session. The example below is using a few prosigns and punctuation.

mcpt -callSigns -delimiter="^^.^,^?" -DM=1:2 -caps


*** Note 1: To check the tutor-to-lesson correlation use:

mcpt -help=tutors

*** Note 2: You can customise your character use independent of a specific
tutor as with the cglist option. I.e.:

mcpt -callSigns -cglist="123abcdef" -caps


Posted: 2021-08-31 06:34
Hi Bill. Thanks for your efforts.

mcpt -callSigns

generates call signs like GØWVR XLØWYD etc.
Obviously instead of zero it uses the Scandinavian character Ø (unicode 0xD8 - LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH STROKE) which LCWO renders as dah-dah-dah-dit.
Kinda weird. Is it intentional?


Posted: 2021-08-31 21:34
1 - the more recent version of mcpt no longer supports -caps (due to complaints of too many options that seemed like one that could be deleted)

2 - -delimiter now uses a more standard operator for "or", instead of the caret "^" the pipe "|" is used. So -delimiter=".|,|" would give you a period OR comma OR

3 - for the last item about the slashed 0, it was meant to be exactly that a slashed zero for readability. IF the output is put to a file with the option -out, as in mcpt -callSigns -out=cs.txt; then the zeros in that file do NOT have the slash which allows you to give that file to LCWO or many other app and a real zero is played. I did not intend any extended characters beyond the standard 40-41.

I used to support a number of the "non-english" characters for French, German, Spanish but to my knowledge no one had used it them and it complicated the use of other more useful features so it was taken out (and I can't go back! so if you have it and likely it keep it).

I hate to not have backward compatibility but occasionally its unavoidable.

I hope the tool adds to the features of your favorite tutor/trainer and your learning experience. I've added a number of things last year in lengths of things so min/max are simpler and consistent, added 2 sending features, tightened compatibility with G4FON and Precision CW Tutor by DJ7HS.


Posted: 2021-09-03 03:37
I will add an alternate way to get very specific call sign practice but just for basic format.

The following should explain it. I will add to the UserGuide.

Limited call sign practice can be done without the "callSigns" option;
in this case you control the prefix, number, and suffix
portions using other options. Here is an example.

mcpt -prelist="kw" -prelen=1 -codeGroups -cglist="0-49" -cglen=1 -suflist="kt" -suflen="2:3"

Possible output:


Note: lengths with just a number means that number is the mix and max, thus a
fixed length; a length like 2:3 means a minimum of two and a maximum or 3.
Also note the dash notation means the left character through the right inclusive;
so 0-49 means 012349 just as a-d means abcd, they are just shorthand notations.

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