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This is a simple discussion forum for LCWO users. Feel free to use it for any kind of discussion related to this website.

Thread: feature : non integer speeds

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Posted: 2020-08-03 15:46
Hello !

I find there is quite a gap between , for instance 18 wpm and 19 wpm.
I suppose it comes from words average length, which creates large steps when counted in characters per minute.

It would be nice if one could set speed to 18.1, then 18.2 , for instance . I imagine it could trick the brain into believing speed didn't change, when in fact it did.

I imagine somewhere in the code , something is converting words per minutes into a non integral variable, so why not allowing it at user input time ?

ty anyways, I'm making progresses thanks to this awesome tool.

Posted: 2020-08-03 21:47
The "jscwlib" Morse generator (currently the default here on LCWO) can handle non-integer speeds but there are a million places on the site where speeds are handled as integers in the database. I am afraid that will be quite an effort to change this, although I like the idea to allow a better granularity.

One idea would be an user defined setting to switch between WPM (words per minute) and CPM (characters per minute) throughout the whole site. With CPM you basically get 0.2 WPM resolution.

I added it as an issue to the tracker and I'll think about the implications... https://git.fkurz.net/dj1yfk/lcwo/issues/20


Posted: 2020-08-04 09:03
Thank you Fabian for your reply ! Having a toggle to switch between WPM and CPM sounds quite nice indeed.

As an aside thought, I suppose the gap feeling reduces when you reach higher speeds : between 1 and 2 WPM, the rate doubles, but between 100 and 101 it is only 1%. So finer speed setting would probably mostly benefit at low speeds.

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