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Thread: Some helpful mental techniques to speed up code appropriation

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Posted: 2020-07-28 08:39
I have been using for some time some very helpful techniques to improve code recognition and thought they might be helpful to others.

A lot of the old timers when they started learning code used to convert into morse whatever street signs and car plates they saw as they were going about their daily affairs. I gather, they did so aloud and it must have looked quite odd ("Young guy walking around going "Dah didah dah . . .", what next?)

We all know that we can visualize images, but it is less well known that we can "visualize" sounds and very effectively too.

One approach I have found very helpful has been to mentally generate and listen to morse code (I hear the sounds in my mind, without ever uttering them or producing them) and to go through all the characters in this fashion several times a day, especially before starting an exercise. The difference is quite astonishing.

We all know that we have an internal dialogue and it is very interesting to try to convert part of it into morse: one can do this wherever one is and it seems to be far more effective than passively listening to ebooks, etc. Also, no one gets to look at you strangely . . .

Posted: 2020-07-30 16:16
I tried this many years ago but not consistently. Since your post I've been doing it with the subtitles on my wife's tv shows instead of reading a book - she thinks I'm interested in the show and I'm getting practice a win-win. It is very challenging to make progress on each screen because the timing is for reading speed, but its still practice :-)

Just another technique to add variety.


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