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Thread: Tried something new today... Training with music...

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Posted: 2020-07-27 00:20
Hi all...

Today I have been training my sending a lot. 3 hours if not more, broken up in bits with good pauses in between.

Then just to try something new, I took the volume of the sidetone down, to see if I could still send without on the straight key. But I could still hear the code from the "clicking" on the key itself, so I put on my headphones with loud music and started sending from a book whilst looking at the decoder screen.

At first I had a hard time, especially with C, and in getting S, and not H. But after a page or so, my errors went down...

What exactly am I training here? And is it important or not?

Posted: 2020-07-27 10:31
You have just discovered that it is possible to send with a straight key while being totally deaf (which is impossible with a paddle or a bug).

It is strange to train something without knowing what one is training, but here you are training muscle memory.

I suspect that this sort of "mental visualisation of sound" (forgive me for the rather unfortunate expression is how Beethoven composed his last symphonies while stone-deaf.

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