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Thread: "Statistics Overview" vs "highcore list"

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Posted: 2020-07-16 11:35
Just finished a Word training session.

Score: 459
Added score to the database.

Position in highscore list: 7574
Your best result in the highscore list: 7483

But in "Public Profile":

Speed Practice Place WPM Score Attempts

Word training 7483 / 8207 8 550 13

I don't understand the relationships between these two different outputs.


Posted: 2020-07-16 12:21
The public profile shows your best score, which is place 7483 on the highscore list (out of 8207 entries), and that was with 8 wpm, 550 points and you have a total of 13 attempts.

You finished an attempt with the score 459 which would be position 7574 in the highscore list, but your best result in the highscore list is already 7483 (better), therefore nothing changes. If you make a result that's better than your previous best, LCWO will tell you that you exceeded your previous highscore.


Posted: 2020-07-16 13:18
Ah, thanks. I though the position in profile was the current position.

Just to clarify, if I keep on trying attempts and adding scores, but my position goes down, is it because somebody else from lower positions are adding more scores than me?

(Not that I really care about positions in the list; it's just a curiosity. )

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