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Thread: HOW TO?

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Posted: 2020-07-15 13:09
1. Is there a way to name code groups so that particular settings are retained under a name to be recalled for later practice?

2. Within lessons, once I miss or omit a character, it throws the entire remaining sequence out of order resulting in many graded errors. What is the best method to keep copy order aligned with the graded copy? I have tried using a space, but it appears a space does not occupy a holding position. Maybe use a dash -, as a holding position?

How to you keep copy aligned with the graded copy?

Posted: 2020-07-15 22:52
1. No
2. The wordspace is 5 dits (in my youth (late twenties of twentieth century because we start with zero counting for first century) and that is becaUSE God is, as said, be born from a holy Virgin at 0:00:00 at the year zero.
The word space was 7 dits.

Possibly there are many Gods >=zero (mark the equal sign) but that is not of any concern about learning Morse code, comparing 5 dits wordspace instead of letterspace 3 dits (hence nearly double time) keeps you on track.

So your problem is comparing 5 dits and 3 dits in order to determine a wordspace.

Good luck , It is not impossible because a lot of people are able to do it without any errors.

It is like sorting wooden sticks of 0.6 meter and 1 meter.


Posted: 2020-07-16 07:05
2: The text you enter is split into groups by spaces. Evaluation then takes place group by group.

If you miss a character, don't replace it with a space (because that will cause LCWO to think a new group starts, and everything after that will be misaligned), but *any* other character (or nothing, so the group has just 4 instead of 5 characters).

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