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Thread: Just starting

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Posted: 2020-07-11 15:47
Hello. I am very new here. I signed up so I can teach my grandson. I am starting on Koch Method page and I cannot figure out how to input the characters. I don't see any instruction for this. Can someone offer me an idea?

Posted: 2020-07-11 19:22
welcome dr Jay, congratulations to your decision to start here.

on the right side of the page is a menu, and the first part is the KOCH Method. First point is a description how to use and how to practice. In the menu below named CW-Parameter you are able to set your values. Charakterspeed 20 and effective Speed 5 would be fine. Duration of on session 1 min is ok.
In the menu between INSTRUCTIONS and MORSEMACHINE is the button Lesson(1/40) . Beside the soundbutton you can find a frame. when you start the sound, the cursor will jump into this frame and you can type in the letters. Finaly you click the button below to check your input. If you write down the letters with a pen you can type in the groups of letters after the sound stops. Use the space-button between the groups.
Good luck and keep on practice :-)))

73 OE8FBF Harry

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