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Thread: Sked Frequencies

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Posted: 2020-06-08 20:56
Sked Frequencies

Now that I have been diving in the bathtub ;) (Koch letters) for a few months, I want to have a little bit fun and go to the real sea.

My proposal:

We, the members of this forum, use frequencies on which we are QRV and try to make minimal qso's with each other, call sign, RST, Name, QTH etc.

frequencies +-:
80m 3555 kHz bandplan region 1
40m 7028 kHz 2 kHz below QRP
30m 10114 kHz 2 kHz below QRP
15m 21055 kHz bandplan region 1
20m 14055 kHz bandplan region 1
10m 28055 kHz bandplan region 1

I will test propagation with RNB, so you can see on which frequencies I am on air. I call CQ and my call sign by hand with my Junker key with 1W and 5W. You can see the result at:


What do you think about this proposal?

73 DD5RK

Posted: 2020-06-08 21:55
sounds good :-) I will join in the next days and hope to meet you on the bands :-))

73, OE8FBF, Harry

Posted: 2020-06-08 22:34
Hi Harry,

I am on 80m 3555 kHz with 5W, but only
RNB hears me,in DL, IK, HB, G4, S50,
calling 20 minutes

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