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Thread: A Possible Tip

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Posted: 2020-05-20 20:21
I want to share something I discovered in case it may help others. I am working through the lessons and am on about lesson 25. I have a rule where I have to get three "good" reports for doing one minute of a lesson in a row. I have been very slowly increasing the speed. I'm at a point where it's gotten very tough to get those three goods in a row.

So here is the idea. I went to Code Groups and set it for 1 minute. Then, instead of trying to copy everything, I focused on just putting in the first letter (or more, if I could) of each five letter group. If I realized I only got the first letter, I typed space. Sometimes I could get just one, but sometimes two or three or all five. At the end, I checked my score. I found I was able to reduce the percentage of errors. I think practicing like this should help me make progress when I return to the lessons.

Posted: 2020-05-21 19:53
This seemed to work for me. I got the idea yesterday and practiced some. Today I tried the lessons and did much better -- missing only, 1, 2 and 1 in three tries. I'll thank myself for the tip!
Larry, KF6NCX

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