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Thread: Sending/Copying

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Posted: 2020-05-05 02:29
Does sending and copying Morse code reinforce one another, or are they two separate skills?

Posted: 2020-05-05 08:36
A good, simple, well formulated question.

There will be probably be as many answers as there are morse code operators.

Broadly speaking, sending and copying morse reinforce each other but rather weakly.

If you take the case of pure copying (writing down your copy) and pure sending (sending text with a key or paddle), there is in my personal experience very limited reinforcement and these are two separate skills, which should be trained separately.

Copying is orders of magnitude harder than sending and should be the exclusive focus of one's practice at the beginning.

Now, when one starts blending copying and sending (for instance by sending back groups received), both copying and sending benefit.

Posted: 2020-05-05 14:59

When you are decoding, you need to :-

Distinguish and follow the audio ( morse ) signal you want from other radio signals,
static, compensate for fading ; also cars going past, the dog etc

Then you have to pick up the timing the sender is using - the speed/length of characters,
but also cope with any non linearity or speed changes, 2 dit dahs etc

This allows you to work out what is an actual character.

Then you have to decode the character and remember it
( or write it down if you aren't "head copying" )

Then you have to join the remembered characters together to make
words, call signs, abbrevs - some of which may be novel, obscure or foreign
bearing in mind that if you go off the wrong way you may need to back track
and the sender might not be able to spell

Then you have to work out the actual meaning, and be ready to reply.

When you are sending, you need to :-

Work out what you want to say - you can write it all down at first ( - autocue is ok for TV pros )

Then you need to convert each letter to morse - at your own speed.

Then you need to key the chars - at your own speed - noting if you do it correctly.

There is very little overlap of activities here.

It can be slightly advantageous to hum morse to yourself as you walk along though,
eg. reading street signs, adverts etc

This is practising the 2nd and a bit of the 3rd bits of send.

After a bit the conversions will become almost automatic
and you can have fun decoding your own humming
( a different part of the brain; practicing two things at once )



Posted: 2020-05-06 00:34
No, it does not help you anything whatever.

When you try sending with a straight key before you are familiar wirh the rithm of the code, you will prematurely destroy your fist.

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