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Thread: another option for getting "word" copy

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Posted: 2020-04-01 21:55
A friend on lesson seven asked if there was a simple way to get practice test with words.

I pointed him to http://qsl.net/wa2nfn and the cwpt2 tool. Then I realized I could take the recently added "lesson" and "tutor" options I had put in it and add them to the much simpler "random.exe" tool.

so: random.exe -in=input.txt -lesson=7 -out=out.txt -numPerLine=10

found 8 English words in a common100.txt file on the web.

If you use the 58,000 word file also on the link above, you get over 300 unique words. You might find this gives some variety to the "lessons" section of LCWOs code groups.

Below is a few lines of that was generated:

ruse ram manner saunas rankers assume manna serene mare urea
ran as masses remakes museum sneaks sea eraser sense knees
urns mere murk keener uke ken seeker amasses sears manner

73 Bill, WA2NFN

P.S. You play these through the "Convert text to CW" page in LCWO.

Posted: 2020-04-02 00:46
so even the start of exercising words can be lowered in the lcwo course. Good work!

However realise that there are a lot of languages vocabularies present on lcwo

Posted: 2020-04-02 02:29
Thanks! I have a few questions:

1- some of the words are long for me can that be changed?

2- what happens when the lessons introduce numbers and punctuation?

3- are the words ever repeated?


Posted: 2020-04-02 19:31
HH - For other languages the cwpt2.exe can be used.
It has an option "inlist" which defaults to "A-Za-z"
so its really NOT english, as long as the alpha character can be entered as a one character ascii it can work (random.exe is a very small subset of cwpt2s features.

The actual "word" content comes from the input file, not my tool. For example for an input file you could use an html file, or some source code from a programming language, but the "words" might be things like: foreach, int, pre, etc.

Neither tool can handle things like UTF for Chinese. Its possible I could tackle that, but I'd Id have to see more usage of the tool as is before embarking on that path.

[I] 1- some of the words are long for me can that be changed? [/I]

yes use -min=X and/or -max=Y to control the word length. So regarless of the lenghts of words in the input file, the output is filtered down to what you want.

[I] 2- what happens when the lessons introduce numbers and punctuation?

numbers and punctuation has very limited capability in random.exe, it was not the intent of that tool. You CAN for example get a specified string in between words, like: word 2? junk 2? more.

But thats rather predictable, again use cwpt2.exe, for MANY options to get practice beyond just matching words.

[I] 3- are the words ever repeated? [/I]

Yes words are repeated, if necessary, but not until all qualified words were used.

So, lets say for lesson 5, there were only 3 words in the input file that satisfied the letters of lesson 5 and the min/max length, but you asked with -num=20 for twenty practice words. the 3 words will be RANDOMLY used, but then your short by 17, so the 3 are used again, BUT RANDOMLY. SO you will never see the same word more than twice consecutively. e.g rum me use me use rum rum use me......

For those of interest random.exe -help lists the options and a little more text.

For cwpt2.exe, same -help, but download the "read me" which has an example or two or EVERY feature


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