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Thread: First QSO!

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Posted: 2020-03-18 20:19
Just made my first QSO. I only today got my iambic paddles (very convenient) and jumped right on the air. I'm 15wpm on LCWO (but not consistent - only words and callsigns, still get lost in random groups) and the guy on the other side was calling CQ at 12wpm, so I rolled the keyer down and it felt really comfortable. It took us 15 minutes to finish the QSO ;-) Painful, but we made it! So excited!

Posted: 2020-03-18 21:29
Congratulations, Adam. The first QSO (like the first million) is the hardest. It only gets better from now!

73 and see you on the bands,
Fabian, DJ1YFK (a.k.a. SO5CW)

Posted: 2020-03-18 21:53
Thanks! Is there a system for transmit practice? I Would love an organized approach.

Posted: 2020-03-19 09:08
I feel whith you :-)))) it is a terrible great moment hihi. For me it was a very direct hind what i have to improve. Now i had a few QSOs and I am able to send better. Reading is still a problem but I am working on it. It is gread fun. I hope I will see you on the bands soon
73 OE8FBF Harry

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