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Thread: how do you copy?

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Posted: 2020-03-12 09:50
so i've been training in 20wpm with effective speed of 3wpm. At this pace i can copy to paper but it struck me as to slow to be effektive learning. I now try att 20/10wpm but at this speed i have a hard time copying to paper. How do you copy? mostly in the head/listen first write after or do i just need to practice doing two things at the same time?

Thankfull for any tips/trick or help!

Posted: 2020-03-12 12:20

You firstly need to learn the characters - the idea being that by a process of repetitive decoding, the decoding becomes automatic.

If you go too fast it won't sink-in and you may find you learn nothing overall and give up . .

If you go too slow you just waste some time.

Only you can determine how fast you can go, by trial and error.

If you learn with a slow character speed you might find you are listening to each dit - dah instead of hearing the character as a whole,
you are better running the characters as fast as is comfortable and allowing yourself a bit longer to do the decode before the next char arrives, whilst you are learning the characters

If you are a professional telegraphist you hear morse and write/type it straight away
so you need to practice that process to become letter perfect at 25wpm.

If you are a hobbyist you probably won't want to write everything down, so you will need to develop the process of decoding words and abbrevs in your head.

It would be better to start head decoding - but it causes issues with measuring your progress, which needs a char-by-char record to compare with the xmitted.

Best to avoid trying to learn anything else at the same time as morse
if you can touch type already then typing will happen automatically as you decode each character -
if you can't then you may end up just learning which key is associated with which sound,
far better to copy to paper

My advise FWIW is that if you haven't picked up morse decoding to 25 wpm in a few weeks ( in which case you would need no advise from anyone )
then . . .

You should run through ALL the characters at as fast a char speed as is easy for you to hear and
as slow an overall speed as is easy for you to decode each char ( and write it down )

This means you will make progress and not give up ( unlike about 90% of people )

Practice every day for 30 mins if you can, but don't do more than a minute at a time, with a short break - so say 20 mins morse 10 mins breaks - until you've done lesson 40

Its all about repeat repeat repeat

There are various ways of converging to the same char speed overall speed after you have reached lesson 40 . .

When you have done this, listen to lots of robot morse eg ebook mp3s

good luck anyway

don't give up

Posted: 2020-03-12 12:47
Thanks alot!

So ill just lower my overall speed a bit and learn the characters first - worry about speed later!
Think I read to much conflicting advice and think to much (=

Posted: 2020-03-12 13:18

I guess a lot of the advise is good - just not to everyone.

Too many people get disenchanted and give up . . .

Posted: 2020-03-16 02:05
Im just learning the keyboard lately. Hoping this doesn't get me stuck into sound to key. I try to say it in my head or outloud but but not sure if thats best. Im set at 23/10 wpm and am doing ok moving though lesson 10 in a few days, but am trying to get over the barrier of learning slow code and counting the dits and dahs from way back when. been off air for awhile but coming back with the focus of getting 20wpm by summer I hope. alas.. I like this program but haven't spent enough time with it to learn how to get it to play through without typing with it so I can paper or head copy.

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