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Thread: Got a paddle. Now I need an oscillator

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Posted: 2020-02-12 16:17
Need an inexpensive pre built oscillator to practice while away from the rig. Don't want to build a kit. Any recommendations? Anyone have an Ultra Picokeyer they can part with. paypal ready.

Posted: 2020-02-13 01:03
You may buy $50 a QSX transmitter/receiverkit, also usable as wspr beacon tx, with a CW decoder on board, so you can watch what you are transmitting, a side tone, so you can hear it, and last but certainly not least a built in keyer that transforms your paddle pushings to dots and dashes.

Posted: 2020-02-13 21:09
I have succesfully made a QCX, from QRP Labs, for the 30m band, and it is an awesome kit. Fun to build, and it is really working!

But you say it can be no kit, but again, comparing to the QCX, maybe you should consider buying the Morserino-32 from W. Kraml OE1WKL. It is still a kit, but way easier than the QCX. Assembled easily in an hour with very few components. You get keyer, trainer and decoder in one very small package... But..., it cost more than the QCX.

Posted: 2020-02-15 10:59
I've built a QCX and am not impressed by the on-board decoder - its slow and not accurate. But maybe YMMV. And the QCX is a very complicated kit to build (although the instructions are excellent and mine worked perfectly the first time I powered it up).

The Morserino-32 (I also have one of those) is excellent and highly recommended. There is some soldering to do but there's not much of it and it's pretty simple. However it is still a kit.

But why not use CWCOM (software for morse over the internet)? You don't have to go online - the software works just as well offline, giving the sound and displaying your keyed characters.

You can just use the "down" arrow of your keyboard as a key but you'll probably want to use your proper key/paddle. In that case, you'll need to make up a connecting lead from your key/paddle to a USB socket of a computer (laptop). But that is fairly straightforward (doesn't require any soldering if you use a DB9 breakout) and much cheaper than either the QCX or the Morserino. Full instructions are on
With only 3 components (two of which simply push together), I don't think it counts as a kit.

The bonus feature of going the CWCOM route is that you're then set up for QSOs when you feel you're ready.

Posted: 2020-02-16 08:37
You can buy a new Ultra PicoKeyer ready-built from Hamgadgets for $54.95:


or get one on Ebay.

Just how much cheaper do you want to go?

Posted: 2020-02-16 11:53

If you are training in manual keying and want a really cheap oscillator
you could read this post back https://lcwo.net/forum/928 on 27th August 2013 by pd0ldb - Lea de Boer . . .

There's lots of stuff back in the history . . .


Posted: 2020-02-18 00:53
cb: Right, but the thread starter has a paddle and wants an oscillator, so he needs a keyer.

For people not familiar with the terminology: A keyer is a device that generates a string of dits or a string of dashes, dependent on the direction to the right or to the left of the paddle(s).
When you have a dual paddle you can squeeze them (left and right pushed at the same time) in that case you get a string of didahdidahdidah

The way the string stops after releasing one or both paddles is not always the same for different types of keyers. The two are called Iambic A and Iambic B. Try to learn B, because it is most used.

Posted: 2020-02-18 11:10
Oh, by the way, try eBay.

I bought an MX-K2 keyer for about only 15 dollars.
It is very simple, small, and with 2x memory 1 for 60 words, and another for 50 words, like CQ, call, etc... It holds 2xAAA batteries.

I use it for my FT-818. I know my FT-818 has internal keyer, but I like the possibility of changing speed on a knob, in stead of going to the menu...

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