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Thread: In Praise of Plain Text

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Posted: 2020-01-15 11:19
Having got stuck at 9 wpm on random letter groups for weeks, I felt I needed to do something to break the log-jam. So (apart from sending practice on morse-over-internet), I've been copy-and-pasting famous speeches into the LCWO "Convert text to CW" function and putting the 10/10 mp3 file onto phone. I could also use the LCWO "Plain Text Training" but I haven't done that yet.

I'm listening for a 15-20 minute session (I get tired after that) each day and am really enjoying it.

The two common criticism of Plain Text are:
** there is very little exposure to the uncommon characters. For instance / z and the numbers
** you can "cheat" by guessing what the coming words are
Both criticisms are valid, but...

...guessing what the current word is, and guessing what the next word(s) will be, is what makes it so enjoyable. There is a real sense of achievement. You feel as if you are using morse code to receive information!

When you are enjoying yourself, practice is not a chore - you look forward to it.

Does anyone else have a view on Plain Text as an element of morse training?

Posted: 2020-01-16 06:51
I use "Convert text to CW" everyday as part of my daily training routine. What foggycoder says about the importance of enjoying one's practice is very true, it makes the learning process much more effective!

I will typically paste a news article on a topic I am interested in into "Convert text to CW" and listen to it in morse for approximately 30mns-1hr.
Sometimes, I have to break down the article into chunks which aren't too long for "Convert text to CW".

After listening for some time, I will typically start writing down what I hear. I have found this approach priceless as a way of increasing speed and listening to morse as text.

The criticism that it does not enable one to train in rare characters is true, but that is what code groups are for and everyone enjoys them as much as having their teeth pulled out!

"Plain text training", in my opinion, is a lot more problematic, because (at least in my personal case) I know most of the proverbs by heart already and can anticipate the remaining words very quickly. I feel it gives a false sense of achievement.

Posted: 2020-01-17 02:58
If your willing to try something new...

at qsl.net/wa2nfn, I have a list of 60K words you can grab some chunks that start with letters you need like Q, Z etc. download the tool random.exe it will shuffle them and then you can put them (or your shuffled proverbs) into "Convert text to CW"

Posted: 2020-01-17 09:47
Bill, don't take this wrong, but foggycoder finished all 40 lessons and is copying mixed groups.

Your profile indicates that you never went beyond lesson 12 and dropped out/stopped around 2008-2009.

It is very nice of you to offer various tools of the trade, but at the end of the day, proof is in the pudding.

Should you be really proposing learning tips to others when you didn't complete the 40 lessons of the LCWO program ?

Posted: 2020-01-17 11:48
char. speed: eff. speed: Tone: Extra Word Spacing:

Posted: 2020-01-17 18:08

Well yes I can give advice ;-)

1- im a poor typist, so long ago decided to use my time practicing code or creating swoftware rather than speeding time to re-enter code just to get a score. When I make a mistake I know in most of the time.

2- There are many very successful coaches who train and improve others that cannot perform nearly the level of those they coach.

3- I spent most of my 40 year career finding product deficiencies in software, hardware, and documentation created by others - most with more skills at those tasks than me, yet I found the problems not them. And they were appreciative of it.

What works for one, doesn't necessarily work for the next guy. That's why I created the tool to generate many permutations of text that many good developers like Fabian, G4FON, and others didn't have.


Posted: 2020-01-17 18:28
Stehpinkler - tnx fer the plug es compliment.
I hope it can help, if not at least give variety to other learners.

73 Bill WA2NFN

Posted: 2020-01-19 20:19

Ah I see the problem. You saw I was at lesson 12 LOL. I use custom, and convert text to cw most of the time. But ALSO, I go back to the lesson from the beginning - I recently did that changing from 18/15 to 20/20. Yes I have not recored tests in a long time as I said.

Unfortunately I am relearning the code after being go a heart/lung machine for 10 hours, 2 with no heart at all, I lost some cognitive skills and am working to get them back.

I'm getting there.

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