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Thread: Isn't there a delete combination in morse?

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Posted: 2020-01-11 14:00
Assume I am sending cw and I misspelled a word. While sending my call sign TA2KBA, I made a mistake and instead of [b]TA, I sent [b]TM. Isn't there a combination to say "My last letter was wrong"? Or what should I do when I realize that I misspelled a word or letter?

Posted: 2020-01-11 15:10
Hi Berdan,

the "official" way to correct a mis-sent word or callsign is to send 8 dits in a row to indicate that an error was made, and then repeat the last word.

In practice, you will often hear different ways to indicate an error. Here are those I can think of (actually heard on the band; starting with the most common):

- a few single dits (like "e e e e")
- a few double dits (like "i i")
- a questionmark
- the prosign "VE" (...-.)
- any number greater than 6 dits (I have head up to 15 or so :-)

Fabian, DJ1YFK

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