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Thread: Mind blown

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Posted: 2019-12-31 02:25
After a year of trying to learn morse code, I was listening to code on an app at 20 wpm and I heard a word that just came into my mind as a thought. I read what had been sent and there was the word. So yeah mind blown! I hope it's not just going to be a one time thing.

Posted: 2019-12-31 15:52
That was some patience wow! I can't wait until I experience that...good work!

Posted: 2020-01-02 18:23
want to try a short experiment?

1. cut and past the line below into the "Convert text to CW" screen.
Leave speed at 20/20 since you mnetioned 20 wpm.
Listen to it once or twice (don't write anything).

an an an an an = on on on on on = in in in in in = at at at at at = of of of of of = me me me me me = and and and and and = the the the the the = rig rig rig rig rig =

2. Now cut and paste below and listen again once or twice

|w16 an |w18 an |w20 an |w22 an |w24 an |w16 on |w18 on |w20 on |w22 on |w24 on |w16 in |w18 in |w20 in |w22 in |w24 in |w16 at |w18 at |w20 at |w22 at |w24 at |w16 of |w18 of |w20 of |w22 of |w24 of |w16 me |w18 me |w20 me |w22 me |w24 me |w16 and |w18 and |w20 and |w22 and |w24 and |w16 the |w18 the |w20 the |w22 the |w24 the |w16 rig |w18 rig |w20 rig |w22 rig |w24 rig

3. Now for the test. Cut and paste below, and try 20/20 and see if you copy
a bunch. This includes more words than was practiced above.
If it was tough, insert "|W3 " without quotes before the text, or of course drop the speed a little.

rig sat in the rst on in me an dog on and me of of man name cat hat at ate and at cat the rig hat sat ate name

73 Bill wa2nfn

Posted: 2020-01-03 14:29
Is this "experiment" geared towards word recognition? Thanks

Posted: 2020-01-03 23:10
you can use it for words or just individual characters. Whatever you like.

The example above obviously is some short words but eventually it should lead to more instant recognition.

Personally I still write almost everything if its at my top speed, but more and more common I hear things like: and, the, es, fb, om - at much greater speeds. My tool can generate all kinds of variety of text to copy allowing you to emphasize
the the practice you need. Above is a small example.

Posted: 2020-01-08 00:07
You are subscribed since june 2019 are with 55 years old on lesson 40 and reporting now 6 month later. with 360 exercises Koch per month in your backpacking.

I expect you have talent.

Think what you are going to do with it:
1. Are you using it for dxing in pile ups
2. Are you going to rag chew listening on ears without jotting down or typing out received code
3. Are you taking the the chalange to compete with other countries and represent your country.
4. do nothing with it, just make qso in CW

My advice:
sub 1. Download Morse runner and exercise with that program. And rufzxp.org call sign single channel noise free copy.

sub: 2 Exercise with words, plain text on this website, and with monthly refreshed text on the ARRL website with max QRS 40 wpm on http://www.arrl.org/40-wpm-code-archive or ebook2cw of dj1yfk with copyright free classic books (Goethenberg Project).

sub3. contact the administrator dj1yfh he will guide and advice you

sub 4. Keep going on this website, just like me, and give advice to beginners and discourage the people that preferably (re)start on jan 1 and never will reach lesson 7, so they may spent their leasure time better with watching TV, drinking beer and so on.

Posted: 2020-01-08 13:31
Thanks for the kind words nonagenarian, I'm afraid that you may be giving me more credit that I deserve. I'm experiencing some strange effects trying to close the gap on 20wpm. I have effective speed set at 14wpm and it gives me real speed of apx 18wpm. My fingers can keep up and I have over 90% accuracy but I don't really know what I'm typing. It's like my fingers know but I don't. Very strange indeed.

Posted: 2020-01-09 00:23
In that case you are exercising for intercept telegrapher. Those guys did not know what they received, and could just think on other things or talk to somebody looking at them while typing out the code.

That can't be the purpose of ham radio. So exercise with plain words without typing. Copy the word normal spaced in your head, you have to start with short words. After copy (repeating permitted) type it out not earlier.

Posted: 2020-01-09 07:20
Glad to hear that things are taking shape for you, David.

Nonagenarian is right, the approach to training you have adopted was that used by intercept telegraphers, as radio amateurs we have to be able to understand the message which was sent.

Based on your first post, you should find it quite easy to start copying mentally since this is pretty much how it happens: first, you are spelling words behind, or in your case, typing as you hear the characters, and then a whole word appears to the mind as if it were suggested by someone . . .

Surprise, surprise . . . it is the word you were trying to copy.

I find it happens more if my mind is relaxed. Intense concentration tends to block the process.

Oddly enough speed is not a critical issue, in my case, it happens as long as I am able to hear the constituting blocks of the word.

Posted: 2020-01-09 23:05
Interesting comments in this thread here...

I have been training everyday now for exactly 1 year and 9 days... I have done mostly random five group letters/numbers, and have had a hard time getting speed up... But after I have started listening to plain text at higher speed (above 18wpm), words more often appear in my mind, almost by intuition..
Now I wonder, if I should have begun with plain text at higher speeds ealier. I think my progress would have been faster maybe.
Perhaps one should encourage other newbies to jump right at it, insted of endless sessions with randomn groups.
So at least for me, speed is a critical issue! If training speed is too slow, I think progress slows down...

Posted: 2020-01-10 07:09
I think good training is a bit like a good French meal: you have several courses.

I view random groups as my daily multi-vitamin vitamin tablet: you know it's good for you (and I try to do one a day), but no sane person likes it.

The first main course, fish, is actually listening to half an article I am interested in, for 30mns or so, at a speed higher than the one I'm comfortable with for text (31wpm) while trying to follow it mentally and then listen to the second part and try to write down as much as possible.

The second main course, meat, is word training which has been very helpful in increasing my speed of recognition of characters inside words. Again I try to end well above my comfort zone for individual word recognition (39-40 wpm)

Dessert is to listen to groups on my CW Morse Machine and send them back with straight key and paddle.

I find it a lot of fun and it is more interactive.

These various aspects of training overlap: if you just listen to groups you drill all the characters equally but I think it is almost impossible to pick up speed.

If you just listen to text, you will pick up speed very rapidly (context helps filling out the missing bits in words), but there are characters you will almost never hear and will not drill (x,z,/, etc).

Writing down helps you train in writing after, which I find, personally, quite easy having spent so much time taking notes at university ( I always "wrote behind" sometimes several sentences!).

Word training is great to built up the capacity to break up clusters at higher speeds, but is for instance almost useless in gaining speed to listen to a text

Echoing groups and words back and forth with straight key and paddle helps tremendously for QSO.

One interesting phenomenon I have noticed is that from 21-22 wpm upwards (with a paddle), I am receiving and sending back music and my fingers function automatically. The less I think about things the better they go.

It was fascinating to learn to view my key and paddle as musical instruments!

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