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Thread: Jumpy brain

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Posted: 2019-12-04 18:19
Hello. I'm guessing that others have the problem of having a jumpy brain -- that is, your mind wants to jump ahead and complete the word you guess you are about to hear before all the letters have been sent. Does anyone have ideas for solutions? I've been using the "convert text to code" exercise. One thought I have is to use text that is completely unfamiliar. In which the words are completely unfamiliar. That could help, I'm thinking. Thanks for any ideas.

Posted: 2019-12-04 22:18
I think most poeple encounter this tendency to jump ahead.

I used to do it, and it knocked me off the decoding process again and again. I accepted, that receiving random letters and deceiving plain text are two different skills. Seeing it this way shows, that you have not lost a skill, you had before, but you are learning somethim new. So I exercise both, random letters and plain text. Just now I exercise random characters at 23 wpm and plain text at 12 to 16 wpm, because my levels of the two skills are different.

When I receive plain text at my moderate speed and I write it down, I exercise to continue writing letter for letter as they appear in the headphones. What I recognise, predict or just guess is a different thing. It is allowed to have these thoughts. But I dont stop listening, I stay connected to the sound and write the characters down, as they come in. With the training I became able to stop the fading out of the sound, when the thoughts interfered. First I learned to switch back to listening very fast and now I stay listening and do it parallel to the understanding. But I have yet to do a lot of training.

Switching between random text lessons and plain text lessons helps me to stick to the sound.

I am also interested, how other poeple manage this process. Everybod processes information a little different.

73 Jo

Posted: 2019-12-06 21:03
Thanks for the tip, Jo. I'll give that a try, switching between plain text and random code. I'm guessing, too, that with lots of practice, the natural tendency to "complete" words in your head will drop away and you can wait for the actual sounds. 73, Larry

Posted: 2019-12-08 21:21
try to "copy behind", i.e. write a few characters later than you actually hear them.
This will give you time to correct your wrong plain text assumptions in your head before writing them down



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