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This is a simple discussion forum for LCWO users. Feel free to use it for any kind of discussion related to this website.

Thread: google chrome

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Posted: 2019-10-19 21:28
Can't get sound to work with Chrome

Posted: 2019-10-20 10:43
I'm using Chrome and the sound is fine. Could be something at your end?

Posted: 2019-10-22 08:36
I am very slow to change a good thing so I am still running windows 7 64bit Operating System (OS).

In the Windows 7 control panel, there is a section for troubleshooting. You can select the sound area and let your computer find and adjust any setting which may be preventing your sound output.

I think there should be a similar area in the version of the OS you are using. Look for it, it might save you a lot of time tryiong to find the problem. :-)

73s de N9ZN - Tampa Fl. U.S.A.

Posted: 2019-10-27 13:51
I have the same problem with Chrome apparently it is because Chrome has been taken over by Microsoft and they don't like "Flash Player" so when I use this site I have to operate through Firefox. Please don't ask me anything about computers because I know nothing...This is information from my Grandson.73 Rich G4FAD..

Posted: 2019-10-28 09:25
The Flash Player is no longer the recommended way of playing the sound here on LCWO.net, but it is still supported as a legacy option.

With most modern browsers of the last 5 years or so, the "HTML5 Player" will be the best option. Just go to your CW settings https://lcwo.net/cwsettings and select that option.


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