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Thread: audio cutting out during lessons

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Posted: 2019-10-11 03:30

I know this was discussed in the iPhone playback problems thread but its happening on my computer

Yesterday while doing lesson 12 set at one minute duration, the code audio would cut out early and not play the last few code groups. this is causing my score to show errors for the code I didnt receive

is there a fix for this? I am using a MacBook Pro running Safari. I tried clearing cache and history and restarting my computer, but nothing fixes it.

Does anyone know of a fix for this?


Posted: 2019-10-18 17:47
Same problem happening to me this morning. --Eric

Posted: 2019-11-03 14:20
this has been an ongoing problem for me since I started, both on iPhone and MacBook pro. VERY frustrating. Sent emails, no reply

Posted: 2019-11-10 01:53
How are you receiving your audio, via Blue Tooth, a through the computer speaker? Are you on WiFi or using a direct-wired connection through a router?

If your trouble is when using a Bluetooth connection you may be experiencing driver issues. Try reinstalling Blue Tooth on your device.

If on WiFi try using a wired connection to your computer. This will eliminate any interference on the WiFi network and may resolve your trouble.

If the problem is coming from the device's internal speaker then you are very likely encountering a slow network connection. Run a network diagnostic to verify how your network is running when the sound does not cut out and do the same thing when it is cutting out. This will help you determine if you are having a network problem vs an Apple audio problem.

I realize this is not a fix but it is the first step toward a fix. Isolating the problem area will help you resolve this. Then you can google to find a solution for your trouble.

Make sure your local network is not overloaded with too many devices online. If you have a large family and everyone has a phone with half of them trying to watch a different movie or play games this will slow the local area network down. Eliminate unwanted/unneeded devices on your local area network.

Try the steps in this article "10 Ways to Speed Up Slow Internet Connection on Mac"

Posted: 2019-11-11 08:18
Problem raised by dl1bax-Ralf in a German thread "5er Gruppen zu kurz, Problem" for word groups.

The consensus was just to use Firefox.

Posted: 2019-12-05 01:01
I was having the same trouble on a Mac. I installed Firefox for Mac & running LCWO lessons seems better using it

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