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Thread: english word practice files by lcwo lesson

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Posted: 2019-10-07 19:18
I used a list of 58000 english words, and the two tools(cwpt and random) that I put on www.qsl.net/wa2nfn, to create practice files of words that you can use to supplement your code group training. The first few lessons, can't make many words, so the few it can I have duplicates to make a short practice session. After about lesson 8 there are enough words possible so I made them to be unique. Also after lesson 13 you start to get punctuation and/or numbers, so in these files, after six words I print a short code group of the last few characters learned and/or the non-letter characters.

Many other possibilities can be created using cwpt if you tire of these.

Simply cut and paste the contents of the lessonXX.txt file into the "Convert text to cw" screen.

The files are at a different website than the tools listed above. The lesson files are at: http://wa2nfn.telegraphy.de


Posted: 2019-10-08 19:52
updated files so the last letter learned gets intensive practice per session

file names with "WO" meaning words only, ignore the fact that numbers and punctuation were added in some lessons; the files without WO introduce some practice with the non alpa characters every few words


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