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Thread: practicw words and a cmd line for practice text

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Posted: 2019-10-06 06:06
The text below was added to my home page at www.qsl.net/wa2nfn

An alphabetized list of 58,000 English words. http://www.Mieliestronk/words.html
Use as input to "cwpt.exe", "random.exe" (next link), or code tutors.
Download random.exe for windows AMD-64, utility to randomize data (see below)
The text below is available by running: random.exe -help
random.exe - randomize stings in a file for a morse tutor, sending practice, typing practice, etc.

random.exe [-in=in.txt] [-out=] [-min=1] [-max=25] [-num=0] (default options shown)


-in is the input file to read to obtain character strings (default in.txt)
-out is the output file to write to (default is stdout (your screen))
-min the minimum length of a string to save (default=1)
-max the maximum length of a string to save (default=25)
-num the number of strings to find in the input file and save for possible printing (default=0, 0 means ALL!)
-version software version for bug reporting or to know if you have the latest software
-help this help text

when run:

The utility will read the input and store strings in random order.
Report the number of strings read (less than or equal to the number in input file).
Prompt you to enter the number of the read strings you want as output (0 means you want ALL!.

e.x. myin.txt contains: "A short input file for demonstration. 123 2+2=4"

random.exe -in=myin.txt -min=4 -max=7

Output after running:

input 123 short file 2+2=4 for

Note: 2 strings did not meet the size criteria so were dropped.
Note: It is up to your morse tutor or follow on tool to cull out or modify extraneous data.

73 Bill WA2NFN
P.S. the 58000 word file was randomized in 0.2 seconds with random.exe. You may think of
other non-cw uses it. And each output string (word) is unique, even it its duplicated in the input.

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