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Thread: Some possibly uninformed opinions

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Posted: 2019-04-14 21:33
Opinion from someone who might not know what he's talking about. I BARELY passed my 13 WPM test almost 30 years ago, and never did anything else with CW. I'm back here trying to learn code right. Here's some of what I think I've learned so far.

First, as other people have said, don't try to type it. I can type very well, but the context switching between two different types of reactions is very hard. I can't do it fast enough, even at 10 WPM. So I've give up on that, pulled out the clipboard, and am making a lot better progress.

Second, after reading the theory behind Koch and playing around with LCWO a while I think the most effective way to get it done is to learn a few characters cold, then increase the speed to the full 20/20, then add more characters.

Sending KUMR at 20/10, I still find myself thinking about what I heard, and I almost have time to do it. I'm trying to beat that out of myself before adding more characters. I might even increase to 25/25 before moving on, to make sure I've completely gotten into reactive mode.

I really think that's ultimately going to be faster than learning everything at 25/6, then trying to re-learn how to copy at reactive speeds.

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