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Thread: Using Keyer

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Posted: 2019-03-26 03:07
Older beginner to cw ,besides this program ,listening to cw , would using a keyer slow down
Or speed up the cw learning curve.

Posted: 2019-03-26 10:10
You have a key, that is a device that switches your transmitter in when you push on it. Here on lcwo a mouse is used, not wise, but that is my opinion.

You have semiautomatic keys, often called bugs, because the first manufacturer had a bug as kogo.

That makes dashes and dots of Morse code semiautomatic, it also switches the transmitter in and out just like a key.

Then you have paddles, they are only switches, but as long as you push they are closed. The purpose is that an electronic device make dots or dashes as long as you press the paddle. The mechanical part of a bug is not present and replaced by an electronic device. The name of that device is "keyer"

You only need a keyer when it is not build in your transmitter, as it often is nowadays. Or may be you want to use a key and paddles alternate during use.

So may be your question is:"Has it sense to start using a key or paddles" during learning to decode Morse code.

Answer: The general opinion is : it has no sense, Learning to transmit is much easier than Morse decoding.
Furthermore just like with handwriting, the possibility exist that you develop a QSD-fist, hardly readable. You first have to be used to normal send Morse code, so you recognize the difference with your own timing pattern.

But one method of learning the code is the "two boys at the kitchentable" method. In that case it is necessary.
With a keyer most of the timing is done by the keyer, only letter and wordspaces are generally dependent on your fist.

Better do not use a mouse it feels quite different from a key. Do not destroy a PC keyboard by using one typing-key, it is not designed for this kind of overload and you learn keying in a wrong finger and handposition.

When you do not yet have a key, don't buy one before you passed lesson 30, when you fail or lost interest it is wasted money.

Posted: 2019-03-26 13:23
Older beginner to cw ,besides this program ,listening to cw , would using a keyer slow down
Or speed up the cw learning curve.

IMNSHO time spent keying would be wasted and would not speed up learning to decode.

Also you can practice "sending" in odd, quiet, alone, etc moments just using your voice - actually thumping the ( straight ) key won't prove difficult to move over too when the time comes . .

Sending is done at your own speed rather than someone else's, and involves just remembering each character, so it is generally a simpler task, )though still easy to get all wrong of course(

My advice is to just listen to lots of good quality code, and make use of the odd moments for that.

You can {eg.] compile some mp3 files and play them on your cell-phone . . .

enjoy, anyway


Posted: 2019-03-26 21:02
Thanks for for the info Guys,
I have off and on work on cw for a couple years, did not memorize ,So now want to make up for lost time ,and of course that does not work .

Posted: 2019-03-26 23:26
What is your plan? Starting right now with the course?
Best start at 20/5 and make exercises of 1 minute, doing a total of 10 to 15 each and every day.
When your score is 90% or over go to next lesson, do not go on till you have always over 90%
One event is sufficient.

We are watching your progress.

Posted: 2019-03-27 10:38

Good start, last night you had 16 exercises on your total, lesson 1, average errorrate 46,8%

So crank that up before entering lesson 2

But you have no luck, obviously. Only K and M to chose from, so when you just only press the K or only the M or just throw a dice to decide, you are already better off.

Increase the space between characters (20/2 or so)
when you need more time to think and to decide.

Posted: 2019-03-29 03:16
I changed from the default 20/10 to 20/5 speed, I have made rapid progress and have learned 24 lessons. I 'll hold on!

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