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Thread: Learning Fast

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Posted: 2009-08-02 22:43
Hello, before I ask my question I want to say THANK YOU x 10^6 to Fabian for making this site, it is AMAZING!
Anyway, I am learning CW, obvoiusly, and am learning with the character speed at ~10wpm and effective speed anywhere from 5 to 10wpm. Is it going to hurt me if i learn the characters fast but not the effective speed? Is it best for the character speed to equal the effective speed?

Posted: 2009-08-03 00:41
You'll be better off leaving the the character speed at ~20wpm and lowering the effective speed. If you have the character speed to low, you'll find you're counting dits and dahs instead of listening to the beat or the rythm. Counting the tones will work for a while, until you start to get into some of the later lessons and there are a lot more characters to remember. I'm up to lesson 19 at 20wpm, 6wpm effective and I'm still sometimes counting on certain characters, because they're ones I've known for a while and learnt the wrong way, which means I miss the next two or three.


Posted: 2009-08-04 03:48
thanks...ill try to turn up the speed a little bit

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