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Thread: transmitting

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Posted: 2019-01-22 20:08
Anyone know how to hook up a straight key to the usb port for practicing code sending? Might be possible, but don't know....

Posted: 2019-01-22 20:13
I could take an old mouse apart and wire the morse key to the "left click" button. I could even put a 1/8" phono jack in the side of the mouse so I could plug any key or keyer into the mouse.. I might try that....

Posted: 2019-01-23 16:01
Why practice with a mouse?

Just use your key to practice.

When you want to hear sound when yu press the key: hook it up in series with a battery and a beeper.

A beeper is a device that beeps when it get power from a battery.

When you want to check your sending, ( decode it) put your PC on the link I described in the previous thread on this forum.

Just sent ETEE EET ETEE and check the results on your screen.


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