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Thread: Are People using computers

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Posted: 2018-12-02 00:30
I can send and receive at around 15 WPM, but when I listen on the ham bands the speeds appear much greater than that. Are people using computers to send and receive or are most people just really fast? It's intimidating and has kept me from even trying to have an actual QSO.

Posted: 2018-12-02 09:47
Hi Al,

during normal, everyday contacts, I'd guess that a very low (one figure) percentage of all operators is using computers to send and receive Morse code.

In contests and for DXpeditions it is very common to send the code with the computer, but even there, receiving is almost exclusively done by ear.

But please don't let this intimidate you! Look for slow speed stations high in the bands and - most important of all - don't be afraid to call CQ at the speed you're comfortable with!

There are clubs that encourage operations with straight keys (which results in an inherent limitation of the speed), like the Straight Key Century Club (skccgroup.com). They even have an online sked website/chat where you may find some suitable partners for a slow speed QSO.

I'd happily offer you to meet for a sked at any speed, but with my current setup, I am not really capable of working anything beyond Europe reliably.

Maybe someone else from the US is reading your post and offers to try a sked on air!

73 & good luck!
Fabian, DJ1YFK

Posted: 2018-12-02 16:39
Thanks for the reply Fabian. I ended up joining the Straight Key Century Club. Maybe that will give me some confidence with this.


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