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Thread: Wow!

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Posted: 2018-11-27 09:41
Making quite some progress. I finished the Koch lessons about 4 weeks ago in 22/5 with roughly 85% accuracy. Since then, I have been practicing 5groups with letters only, to gain speed. I increased from 22/5 to 22/8 with 85-90% accuracy, so now I am changing to 22/10 (which is now at 75%). Today, I just for fun used "Morse machine" for the first time since I finished Koch. When I had finished 4 weeks ago, I found it hard to reach more than 4.5 wpm on average on morse machine. Today, I very easily reached 5.2 – if that's no progress!

Still I found it very hard to copy text without writing it down. But since it progresses so well, I am very sure that in some months my brain will start to "understand" morse code in words, not only in letters.

Thanks again, Fabian, hope to meet you on air some day.

73 de DG2FDD

Posted: 2018-11-27 10:10
Hi Jens,

great! I actually heard you calling someone on 40m this weekend, with a slow but good signal :-)

Head copy is something that will develop all by itself once you're active on the air, I wouldn't worry about that.

73 & cu

Posted: 2018-12-03 17:27
I got burned-out on the regular Koch, and now do exclusively Morse Machine to finish-out the last 9 characters, or so. I only practice about 10 mins a day, and am just moving very slowly. I was at 20/6 in Koch.

I will probably work on listening next. I'm just so tired of Koch. I got sick of the stress of it, and it was just no fun for me. Everyone learns differently. I just decided that if I was dreading studying Koch, then there was no point in my learning CW. So I decided to finish the characters in Morse Machine.

I'll get there, someday. I could care less when. Was listening at 7.5wpm and getting much of it. Also 10wpm, and getting a fair amount of it, when I studied an ARRL practice file, recently.

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