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Thread: Keyboard Shortcuts

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Posted: 2018-11-16 02:00
I've had no success searching for keyboard shortcuts altho I do understand the period character's purpose. Is there a shortcut for starting and pausing tests (e.g. code groups)?

Thx for any input!

Dave, W1VEM

Posted: 2018-11-16 16:47

Hi Dave,

Keyboard shortcuts is an excellent idea for visual impaireed people, wanting to learn Morse code on this website.

May be DJ1YFK will implement them, AFAIK they are not available right now.

However one of the things you have to learn by copying Morse code is : Forget about a missed character. Hard to learn, when you miss a character you try to decode it by replaying in your mind and the result will be that you copy it correct but in the meantime miss 5 or six characters following it.

So the choice is missing one or a bunch of six.

Conclusion: learn to drop a missed character immediately and copy the next six correct.

The opportunity to stop the transmission is a no go, you better exercise dropping a missed character in order to copy the next 5 or 6 correct.

In code groups you place a dot, and in plain text the chaacter is res.lved bij reading the received text, so you see immediately that res.lved shoud be resolved.

Posted: 2018-11-16 22:54
Thx for the advice.

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