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Thread: Kickstarter: Morserino-32

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Posted: 2018-10-27 15:43

Quick heads-up regarding a cool project just launched by a fellow OM: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/43258892/morserino-32

An ideal extension to LCWO since it works offline, trains your sending skills and, best of all, supports group training via LoRa!

73 de David

Posted: 2018-10-27 19:47
With all respect due:

Nothing new, except that this is a commercial advertisement on this excellent website, created by a guy (dj1yfk) who knows where he is talking about and above that does it all for free.

Amazing a moderator passes this commercial message.

When you want to train Morse code off line there are G4FON or Justlearnmorsecode or cwcat, all for free. Look fr details on google.

Real hams provide their ham friends for free with their help.
Commercial advertising together with a callsign is not allowed by your , the license may not be used for commercial purposes and is demonstrates no ham-spirit.

OM's help each other for free, and not with some overpaid gadget that offers really nothing new.

Look in the demonstration video how he is calling CQ on a double paddle and you know enough, at least I do.

The only thing you can do wrong, and hence is often done wrong, is word spacing and letter spacing with a paddle.

The seller OE1WKL was also present on this website
and with with Koch lesson 2 he quit. Did not try words, callsigns code groups, plain text and what have you; OK hardly possible when you master 3 characters K M and U.

In general people give a lot of (in general free) advice about subjects they TRY to master theirself but do not master.

World would be better and results should be obtained faster when advice is only accepted from the guys that did the job and know by experience how to do it and what they are talking about.

Posted: 2018-10-29 07:13
It is really a pity that everything has become so commercial. I'm not terribly sure what this project offers: between LCWO and G4FON, I personally feel that those who wish to train in CW are pretty much covered. Both are free, created very much in the spirit of ham radio.

I also watched the video whose link is given: it is sort of sad, the operator doesn't master CW and is struggling to send one or two words at 17 wpm with a Bencher, yet he has launched a crowdfunding project on kickstart (one wonders what he is going to do with the excess funds he raised? Refund them ?)

If one really wants to buy a stand-alone keyer/morse tutor (and spend a pretty penny on it), then Ulrich Steinberg (N2DE)'s CW Machine & CW Trainer combo are probably the way to go.

Ulrich's first DX expedition to Tonga, in Africa, was in 1980 and he has been operating CW for 40 years plus. Unfortunately, he wrote me a couple weeks ago that he has just had brain surgery and as things stand at present, the CW machine is no longer available.

Tempus fugit.

Posted: 2018-10-29 13:25
He offers usage of a chip transceiver IC, with LoRa, the physical layer is proprietary spread spectrum technique. The "carrier frequency" is the part of the 70 cm band, that allows unlicenced low power use for remote garage door openers,car door locks, and what have you.

Looks to me that the 70 cm band is outside of that small band for general use, corrupted by the noise like signal of LoRa that may transmit up to 10 kbit/s.
Sounds like noise. So nobody complains.

When I was a boy "we" did it with generating one tube receivers. Called Mexican hound.
Nowadays boys and girls can do it with junk of blue tooth, wifi and so on

Ruit hora

Posted: 2018-11-10 17:09
Thank you!
I was QRT for a week, but now that I opened this forum again I am very pleased to notice that you gave me what I needed. Now I know how to practice my sending CW: I set my radio not to transmit, record my practice QSO and then play it back again. Simple! TU Ken, W7AHX.
Additional good advice was in that https://www youtube.com/watch?v=MNfiWmuqvGo "nonagenarian" gave me, TU . Hopefully we meet on CW- bands!
73 de Lid2

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